Saturday, May 30, 2015

Thank You Cards

Thank You Cards

Hello Robin's Nest Fans!

I am sharing some Thank You Cards that I made.  Cortney asked me to throw some cards together for a few very sweet people who had decided to donate to something that had absolutely nothing to do with them..  I thought, "just throw some cards together, whatever!"  I did have a little bit of fun with them, I am pretty sure that I am not a very good card maker, so it takes me so long to think about how to make them.  Here is my attempt.

I pulled out some cardstock that I thought would look "thankful", some cheery and some sophisticated looking.  I can tell you that I was really not sure at all which direction that I should go.  

The first card I created, I used the "You are my favorite" card from the Rose Cards Packet.  I then added a pink Gerber flower from our Gerber Flower sticker set.  I dew the stem and added two Green Tear Drops for the leaves, and of course I added a Pink Punch Dew Drop for the center of the flower.  

For my second card, I used the Smoky Chevron Cardstock, the dots are from the backside of this cardstock.  I then added the yellow Gerber flower from the same Gerber Flowers Sticker set I used on the first card.  The "enjoy today" is from the Rose Cards Packet.  Do you love the mini pink butterfly?  It is from the Rosy Die-Cut Shapes packet.  The sparkly straw is from the Rosy Straw packet and a Hot Pink Dew Drop was added to the bottom right hand corner to make the card balanced.

What do you think of this card?  I used the Cowboy Cardstock for the background, it seems so sassy!  The shapes are from the Rosy Die-Cut Shapes packet, and the Fleur-de-li is from our Paris Die-Cut packet.  "I can hardly believe this" is from the Saffron Card packet.

The next card was created using our Honeycomb Fleur Cardstock, Gerber Sticker, Men's Dew Drops, and a saying from the Saffron Cards packet.  The Fleur-di-le came from the Paris Die-Cut Packet.  (Paris sounds like fun right now)

I like the white space on this card.  It just makes me smile.  And I used Archival Seeds on this card.  Below is a dissection of the card.

The Robin's Nest has so many fun embellishments to use on so many types of projects.  Feel free to check out the website to see more embellishments.

Well, I hope that you liked these cards, I did have fun making them...

Until next time, 
Happy Crafting!

Rachel O'Crowley
The Robin's Nest
We Create to Inspire


LisaM said...

Beautiful cards!

Colleen said...

Cute cards

Peggie Sue @ Maxx and Boo said...

Great set of thank you cards - love all the different looks you made!

Tonya said...

Fun set of cards! Love all the details!

Bev Code said...

awesome cards.. love the cowboy cardstock

Robin O'Crowley said...

Very fun?

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