Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Evil Minions

Evil Minions

Recently, my daughter came over, she calls it gracing me with her presence.  I told her about some of  the ideas that I was trying to promote with our new products.  My creative child, Chelsea, immediately started thinking of something that she could create.  She is a thinker.  This really doesn't have anything to do with the ideas we were talking about, but this is a cute project that she created.

Honestly, I know that I should know what a minion is, but I do not.  I said "Chelsea, please get me a definition of a minion."  I was thinking it would be something in her own words, but this is what she gave me from Google, lol.
"Evil Minions are Minions that are at the state of extreme mutation caused by the PX-41 serum entering their blood vessels.
The Evil Minions are for all intents and purposes, made to be indestructible: they are immune to weapons like flamethrowers, guns, axes, and undercover police cars; and are able to withstand the explosion from swallowing a bomb.  The will devour and destroy anything that gets in their way, including the above-mentioned weapons.  Evil Minions can also repair themselves, and they are very dangerous.  
The Evil Minions are very different from the regular Minions; having purple skin, long hairy arms, wild frizzy hair that spreads out like a mane, and big sharp crooked teeth.  As they are wild and their appearance is in a feral state, they don't usually speak; rather they scream, roar, growl, and snarl most of the time."
The last part totally makes sense why she made the Evil Minion before the "normal" Minion.  She will share the other one next week.

Instructions to create you own Evil Minion:
1. Gather you supplies, which are,  Limoncello Glitter Cardstock, Royal Purple Glitter Cardstock, Very Black Glitter Cardstock, Silver Glitter CardstockPurple Hair Dew Drops, A Black Dew Drop, White Rick Rack, Empty Paper Towel Holders, The Best Glue Ever, and Ribbon to tie the back together for stability.
2. Wrap the Purple Passion Glitter Cardstock around the Paper Towel Holder and glue.
3. Punch a hold in the top and bottom of the back of the tube and tie a ribbon.  This helps hold it together while the glue dries.
4. Cut 1/4" strip of Silver Glitter Cardstock.  Bend around your finger to get it into a circular shape.  then adhere to the Silver Glitter Swirl.  (perfect for a crazy eyeball).

5.  Glue a 1/2" strip of Very Black Glitter Chipboard around the center of the tube.
6. Glue one Black Dew Drop in the center of the Silver Glitter Swirl.  Then glue six Purple Hair Dew Drops around the Black Dew Drop to finish off the crazy eye.  Adhere the whole eye to the Very Black Glitter Chipboard.
7.  To make the crazy mouth, cut a thin strip of the Royal Purple Glitter Cardstock.  Cut tiny triangles, in different sizes and adhere to the back of the Glitter Purple Cardstock.  Adhere the mouth to the tube.
8. To make the hair, we cut a 1" strip of Royal Purple Glitter Cardstock and glued it to the inside of the top of the tube.  We glues rick rack in strips to this piece. 
9.  Adhere more Purple Hair Dew Drops to the Rick Rack and viola, we have an Evil Minion.
A very special Thank you to Chelsea Harmston for showing us how to make this very cute thing. 
It has popped up at my house in many different occasions over the last couple of days.  I think it might need a little coffee.  Tune in next week.  A normal Minion just might appear.

Rachel O'Crowley
The Robin's Nest
We Create to Inspire.


Tonya said...

What a fun project!!!

Kathleen White said...

I am in love with the Purple Hair Dew drops. What an awesome project!!

Ann Strecko Koeman said...

I love that someone made something with the evil minions, ingenious!

Jean Moore said...

I adore the minions and the eveil ones are too much fun!!! great creation! I am going to see th new Minins movie soon to be released.

Betsy Skagen said...

Haha. How fun!

Daliuska Takken said...

What a great idea!

frezja said...

ooooooo, so funny!!! hi's fantastic!!

LisaM said...

Love the purple dew drop hair! Super cute!

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