Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sympathy Cards

Sympathy Cards

Hello Robin's Nest Fans!

Recently, I asked what kind of cards that our Facebook fans wanted to see us make.  Overwhelming, and surprising to me, our FB fans wanted to see us make some Sympathy Cards.  Apparently, they are not easy to make.  Guess what? I had a hard time making them too.  This is what I came up with, I hope that you think that they are appropriate.  I have been so unsure of them.  

I am going to start with these two, and if you like them, then I can create more (in due time).  I chose our Smoky Chevron Cardstock because I thought that the muted grey was a good start as a base.  These are A4 size cards.

I wanted to create a simple card, with a few embellishments that I thought were simple.

Here I used the New Rosy Cards and Saffron Cards. I fussy cut the roses out and cut down the library card so I was left with the birds on the line.  The cutouts are precut and come in the Rosy Die-Cuts Packet.  I also used the Rosy Straw Packet and a Dew Drop from our Silver Bells Dew Drop mix.  All of these products can be found under our Rose Euphoria Collection.

I hand wrote this with a Fine Point Sharpie Marker.  I think it gives a more personal touch.

The tree is from our Family Rub-on packet.  It says a lot with out having to say anything at all, at least that is what I think...
I must say, I love our rub-ons!  I think that they transfer wonderfully.

I used the same cardstock to create the second card.  It is the opposite side of the previous cardstock.  I used the Rosy Cards and Saffron Cards, Saffron Die-Cuts, and Dew Drops from our Men's Dew Drop mix.  To adhere everything, I used the Dew Dew Glue (even the cards to the paper... I guess I was too lazy to find my liquid glue...).

Here I hand wrote "fondest remembrances" because I felt that it made it personal too.  Do you like the Dew Drop in the bicycle wheel?  The background of the Saffron Card is from the backside of Smoky Chevron Cardstock.

I fussy-cut the rose from the Rosy Cards and glued it to the Saffron Shapes Die-Cuts, which I have distressed with some brown ink from my stash.  The two Dew Drops are placed in symmetry to balance out the card.

Since I really could of used these cards last week, and I feel that it is too late now, I am saving them for the next time that I am going to need to use them.  

This is my happy note that I am leaving you on.  My sister-in-law made this card box for me!  Cute right?!  Every once in a while, I make a cards, which always turns into more than one card, so I set one aside in this awesome-of-a-gift box.  It helps me stay organized. She used Robin's Nest cardstock from our Celebration Collection.  I am publicly thanking her again for this awesome box!

Here is the outside of it, personalized just for me :).

She even created the file separaters for me.

I hope that these cards have given you some inspiration!  It has been one of the harder challenges for me.  

Until next time,
Happy Crafting!

Rachel O'Crowley
The Robin's Nest
We Create to Inspire


Ann Strecko Koeman said...

So true it is difficult to make sympathy cards. You have given me some ideas as I too could use a couple of those to send out this week.

Terri Sproul said...

love the box, sorry for your lose... hugs

Tonya said...

Wonderful cards Rachel!

Betsy Skagen said...

Rachel, I love the mix of the gray chevron and polka dots. So fun!

Robin O'Crowley said...


LisaM said...

Loving these cards!

frezja said...

great cards :)

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