Saturday, April 4, 2015

Signs of Spring

Every bird needs a nest.  I'm here today to show you how to make a bird nest out of a single piece of cardstock. 
Start by cutting your Peach Glitter Cardstock into the thinnest strips you can possibly make.  

I used about 3/4 of my 12x12 sheet.  Try to keep your pieces all even. It will make it easier when you need to wrap the nest.  

Use your 2 inch circle punch to cut two circles out of your extra cardstock.  

Use glue to stick the two circles together.  I used giant glue dots.  Take a second glue dot and put it on top of one of the circles.  

Wrap the strips around your fingers and slide them off onto the circle.  Push the ends into the circle so the strips have as much adhesion as possible.  

To make the nest look a bit more natural I sprayed them with a walnut stain and a tea dye stain.  I blasted it with the heat gun to dry.  

I love looking at real bird nests and seeing little bits of thread tucked in there.  I took my Rosy Straw and used a little bit just to add that thread touch.  

Now pop in a bird.  Once my bird was in there I made a pennant with a fun quote.  Some resin roses adorn the pennant.  I attached the pennant to a vintage head pin.  The pin is woven in the nest to keep it secure.  

Doesn't he look so sweet sitting in the garden.  

I hope you try making a nest of your own.


Terri Sproul said...

OMG< this is cute

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Cute idea Jessica!! Great job!

Sarah Lynch said...

So creative and fun, love it!

Tonya said...

Eek!!! I know I am going to have to create one of these! Fabulous!

Debbie said...

Great idea Jessica! I must try it! Thanks for sharing!

Wishes From A Broad
Debbie :D

Anonymous said...

I love your birdy in the nest! I still don't quite get how you got the strips to stay. Did you pour glue onto the circles each time you added each thin little strip? I have fumble--fingers, so i I was wondering

LisaM said...

Love this! So creative!

rosebudinnh said...

oh I really love how cute this is!

Jess M said...

The giant glue dot holds all the strips down. You just press then ends in with your fingers. It's super easy.
Thank you all for your lovely comments!

Bev Code said...

awesome.. looks amazing

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