Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sympathy Cards

Sympathy Cards

Hello Robin's Nest Fans!

Recently, I asked what kind of cards that our Facebook fans wanted to see us make.  Overwhelming, and surprising to me, our FB fans wanted to see us make some Sympathy Cards.  Apparently, they are not easy to make.  Guess what? I had a hard time making them too.  This is what I came up with, I hope that you think that they are appropriate.  I have been so unsure of them.  

I am going to start with these two, and if you like them, then I can create more (in due time).  I chose our Smoky Chevron Cardstock because I thought that the muted grey was a good start as a base.  These are A4 size cards.

I wanted to create a simple card, with a few embellishments that I thought were simple.

Here I used the New Rosy Cards and Saffron Cards. I fussy cut the roses out and cut down the library card so I was left with the birds on the line.  The cutouts are precut and come in the Rosy Die-Cuts Packet.  I also used the Rosy Straw Packet and a Dew Drop from our Silver Bells Dew Drop mix.  All of these products can be found under our Rose Euphoria Collection.

I hand wrote this with a Fine Point Sharpie Marker.  I think it gives a more personal touch.

The tree is from our Family Rub-on packet.  It says a lot with out having to say anything at all, at least that is what I think...
I must say, I love our rub-ons!  I think that they transfer wonderfully.

I used the same cardstock to create the second card.  It is the opposite side of the previous cardstock.  I used the Rosy Cards and Saffron Cards, Saffron Die-Cuts, and Dew Drops from our Men's Dew Drop mix.  To adhere everything, I used the Dew Dew Glue (even the cards to the paper... I guess I was too lazy to find my liquid glue...).

Here I hand wrote "fondest remembrances" because I felt that it made it personal too.  Do you like the Dew Drop in the bicycle wheel?  The background of the Saffron Card is from the backside of Smoky Chevron Cardstock.

I fussy-cut the rose from the Rosy Cards and glued it to the Saffron Shapes Die-Cuts, which I have distressed with some brown ink from my stash.  The two Dew Drops are placed in symmetry to balance out the card.

Since I really could of used these cards last week, and I feel that it is too late now, I am saving them for the next time that I am going to need to use them.  

This is my happy note that I am leaving you on.  My sister-in-law made this card box for me!  Cute right?!  Every once in a while, I make a cards, which always turns into more than one card, so I set one aside in this awesome-of-a-gift box.  It helps me stay organized. She used Robin's Nest cardstock from our Celebration Collection.  I am publicly thanking her again for this awesome box!

Here is the outside of it, personalized just for me :).

She even created the file separaters for me.

I hope that these cards have given you some inspiration!  It has been one of the harder challenges for me.  

Until next time,
Happy Crafting!

Rachel O'Crowley
The Robin's Nest
We Create to Inspire

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

5 Boys, Oh My!

Hello Readers!

Our son Jeremiah and his wife Tara have this great group
of boys in their family.  Up until last
November, they had all boys, but the girl has now arrived.

Here are some photos of the boys when
Kade was just a baby.

The paper I chose for this layout is from the new Saffron Sunrise 
product line.
I love the grey!!!!

I did add a few things to the pages after I scanned these,
the photos are next of the close ups of these pages.

Ok, I don't know why these are sideways, but 
hopefully you can ge the close ups on these pages.

I also used a boat from Gina's Designs
from her boy packet.

Products used on these pages.
Smoky Chevron CardstockBelgian Chocolate Boy Rub-on

These turned out so fun for boy pages.
I love the color combination of the paper
and the rub on.
I also love the orange accent.
this is from my scrapbook stash of small
pieces of paper.

Have a great day.
You can find these products on our website,

Monday, April 27, 2015

Not What We Expected!

Hey there scrappy friends!
Lisa here to share a layout with you.
When we went out to California in August of 2010, we took a ferry into San Fransisco. Being from Wisconsin, we expected San Francisco to be super hot in August. It wasn't! Luckily I had packed a sweatshirt for each of us and boy did we need it! We froze with our sweatshirts on! The weather was not what we expected! Any who, that is what my layout "Chilly San Francisco" is about.

Remember the last layout I shared? Well I used the sunburst I had cut out the rays from for my last layout. I used the Saffron Honey Cardstock for my sunburst. I stitched it onto Clouds Cardstock.


I punched a border and made a banner from Bunny Cardstock. I fussy cut the "I can hardly believe this" and "Today" from Saffron Cards. I used the Red Alpha Glitter Stickers for my title. I added a Red Tear Drop at the beginning of my title and at the end.

I fussy cut the journaling box from Black Glitter on White Cardstock Journal Tags and inked it red.

Here is a close up of my sunburst:

These are the Robin's Nest products I used:
I just wanted to share that you can usually use the negative and the positive of something while scrapping, like I did for this layout and my last one I shared.
Hope you have a wonderful day!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Spiff up a studio with this altered art supply tote

Last year I redecorated my studio with an industrial chic teal and rust theme. Yet, I never really seem to finish--I am always refining the look and more importantly, improving my organization.

Sure that sounds good, but truth is, at least in my Paper Calliope studio, I'm a slob. I actually love when things are neat and organized, but despite my best intentions, the studio always ends up a mess. Considering that sometimes I have to tiptoe between piles of paper, ephemera, glitter bottles and heat guns, "mess" might be an understatement.

Tutorial--How to make an altered art supply tote

Step One Paint the interior of a drink tote with metallic brown paint. Let dry.

Step Two Trace the outside sections of the drink tote onto Teal Glitter Cardstock and cut out.

Step Three Adhere the glitter cardstock to the drink tote using Beacon 3-in-1 Craft Glue.

Step Four Adhere a patterened brown fabric tape to tote corners.

Step Five Distress edges of tote with dark brown ink.

Step Six Adhere rusty metal hardware to sides of tote with a strong adhesive.

Step Seven Adhere blue metallic dew drops to sides of tote.

Step Eight Tie short pieces of assorted ribbons to tote handle.

That's it! All you have to do now is add your favorite supplies and enjoy months  days  hours  mere minutes of complete craft studio organization!

Stuff I used

Teal Glitter Cardstock
Metallic Teal Dew Drops
Beacon 3-In-1 Advanced Craft Glue, 4-Ounce
Drink tote
Fabric tape
Assorted bits of ribbon
Metal hardware pieces

Friday, April 24, 2015

When Life Gets Stormy

Life has it's share of ups and downs. Your attitude and ability to adjust will help you get through the tough times.

Let me show you how I created my mixed media canvas.

My supplies
8x10 canvas
Matt medium
Robin's Nest® blue tear drops
Robin's Nest ® robins egg glitter cardstock
Robin's Nest® airplane cardstock
Americana® multi-surface paint
E6000® glue
Swirl stencil
mambiSTICKS® sticker
Tim Holtz Distress® inks
Tim Holtz Distress® markers
Tim Holtz Idea-ology® tissue paper

Let's get started

 I had extra smaller pieces of  idea-ology tissue paper I wanted to use up. I used matt medium to   adhere them to my canvas creating a collage look.

I used my swirl stencil with distress ink to create the look of swirling wind on my background.

I cut out cloud shapes and the background for my quote sticker from airplane cardstock.
The umbrella was cut from robins egg glitter cardstock.

 I colored in some of the white/word diamond shapes on the airplane cardstock with distress markers. Distress markers will color the space but allowed for the words to show through. Distress markers were also used to add detail to the umbrella.

 I glued down all the pieces using matt medium.

A sharpie was used to outline the clouds and the umbrella. Distress ink was used to define the edges of the canvas. The sides of the canvas were painted with multi-surface paint.

I added tear drops for the rain using E6000 glue.

Thank you for stopping by and following along with my tutorial.


I have been creating art for as long as I can remember. I studied graphic design in Portland,Oregon before moving to Denton, Texas and putting all my focus on mixed media art. In addition to being on The Robin's Nest Design Team, I am an article writer for mixed media art, on the Creative Paperclay Design team, and a blogger for DecoArt. I strongly believe in giving back. I volunteer at Scrap Denton Creative Reuse Center where I teach workshops, art camps, and perform art demos. I am very passionate about mixed media art and helping others discover their creativity. 
 Follow more of my creative life at My Altered Life's blog page and My Altered Life on FB

Going home - layout by Elena Lishchenko

Hi everyone! Elena's here and today I want to show you my new layout about holiday!
I use  Admiral Daisy Glitter Linen Cardstock, Mens Plaid/Compass Cardstock Airplane Cardstock for my background. Add some thread and gesso.
Some close-ups:

I used:
Thanks for your attention!
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