Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Green, green, and more green

Hello Readers,

I was working with some of our pictures from Alaska, 
these were taken in our sons backyard in Wasilla.

It was so green, I decided to use green as my background,
and once I got the pictures on the paper,
I thought, whoa,  that's a lot of green!

Then, I thought lets work this through,
it doesn't have to feel too green, and brown can bring the
finishing touches to the pages.

So as I worked, I just kept adding more green,
and some brown.
Now to understand these photos!
So funny huh!
Our oldest son, here with his family,
creates and forges his own knife business called
the Ogres Forge.
They all wanted to dress like the Duck Dynasty look,
and have the Ogres Forge look.

Well here they are.

Each member of his family works on the knives in different ways, from 
organizing the garage/shop to buffing, or forging or making hilts, 
to sewing the leather sheaths they come in.
You can find his work on facebook under The Ogres Forge.

After the family pictures were taken,
Josh got a hold of the camera, and took these of 
Dana and I. 
He just kept clicking and clicking.  Finally I had
to say enough!
But these did turn out fun, and
where there really aren't that many pictures of us
together it is nice to have.

We are so in love.  It sounds like such a silly thing to say
or even scrap about and share, but I love this man
dearly, he has brought great happiness to my life, and to
have a few pictures depicting this is really so fun
for me.

The products used in these pages
are in our Lodge line and the 
Forest line.

I so do love these lines.  

Also thanks to Gina's Designs,
there are many elements from her
products incorporated in these pages.



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Ann Strecko Koeman said...

Wow! Great pages, and great looking family!

Tonya said...

Sharp layout and fun story about the knives! :-)

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Cute! Everyone looks like they are having fun! Cute layouts!

LisaM said...

Such fun layouts!

frezja said...

great LO :) I love the colours :)

Bev Code said...

fabulous colour combo.. great projects

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