Saturday, March 7, 2015

Give a girl the right shoes

"Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world" -Marilyn Monroe.

The Marilyn Monroe quote is this month's theme for the Robin's Nest. Since I'm not exactly an Imelda Marcos kind of gal (you can most often find me in sneakers rather than high heels), I decided to to have a little fun with the quote and give a giraffe the perfect shoes in which to conquer the world. 

I'm Betsy Skagen of Paper Calliope, and I hold a special place in my heart for giraffes. If anyone should conquer the world, I vote for giraffes. On second thought...considering how terrible they smell in real life.. .maybe I will have to withdraw my vote. Thankfully, however, Miss Giraffe here doesn't have any odor issues.

Conquer the world tutorial (who knew you could find directions for this in a blog post?)

Die cut a tag from Men's Plaid/Compass Cardstock

Type the quote and print onto sky blue vellum. Tear the vellum into a rectangle around the quote and distress the edges with vintage photo ink.

Lightly spritz teal spray ink onto the tag, applying more ink on the bottom than the top. Let dry. Mist water into your hand and flick onto the ink. 

Distress the edges of the tag and hole with vintage photo ink. 

Fussy cut around the giraffe and globe images.

Draw four identical shoes onto the back of the Plum Purple Glitter Chipboard and fussy cut them out. Make sure you draw them in reverse so that the shoes are facing the right way, when cut (it's really hard to balance on top of the world when your shoes are on backwards).

Glue on the four shoes. Embellish with teal glitter glue. 

While you are at it, go ahead and cut a hat from the Plum Purple Chipboard. If Miss Giraffe's going to conquer the world, she might as well do it in style and wear a matching hat.

Wrap the silver and teal strings of Azure Straw around the hat and adhere to the back of the hat. Add a couple extra fringes to feather upwards. Glue the hat on Miss Giraffe.

Adhere the globe and the blue vellum quote to the tag. Layer Miss Giraffe over this and adhere. 

Adhere four Blue Skies Archival Seeds to the corner of the blue vellum. 

Complete your tag by adding strings of silver and teal Azure Straw to the tag.

Hope you have just the right shoes to have a fabulous week!

Stuff I used

Azure Straw
Zip Dry by Beacon
Sky blue vellum
Royalty-free giraffe image
Paper globe
Teal spray ink
Vintage Photo ink
Teal glitter glue


Tonya said...

Love your take on this month's theme Betsy! As always great job!

Ann Strecko Koeman said...

I love it! But have you noticed that it's always the tall girls that wear heels? LOL.

LisaM said...

So fun!

Lastochka said...

Cute tag! Love it!

Bev Code said...

fabulous tag.. awesome design

Robin O'Crowley said...

I love the whimsy! So fun!

frezja said...

so funny :) great :)

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Great instructions!! I love your story telling, makes me laugh! And your tag is adorable!

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