Saturday, February 14, 2015

The world can be amazing when you're slightly strange

Hi Everyone! Jess here with a canvas today.  I just love this saying.  To me, art is all about celebrating your differences and not being afraid to be a bit weird.  Art is so subjective and that's why it is wonderful.
I started out by cutting my focal image and inking the edges.  Inking helps cover the raw  white edges and any cutting boo-boos.  
Once my image ready it was time to get to work.  I like using these panels.  They can be mailed easily, propped on a shelf, or just stuck on a wall using removable wall tack.  

I used the Brick Fat Plaid Letters Cardstock as my starting point.  For this project I didn't want the red to pop, so much as the letters.  I brushed on a layer of gesso and dried it with my heat tool.  Before it was completely dry I wiped the gesso off of the letters using a baby wipe.  

The top photo is before baby wipe and the photo below is after baby wipe.  See how the letters pop?!

I ripped off random strips and glued them down using a matte gel. 

Time to use the best tools ever.  I smudged the paint around with my fingers and used a baby wipe to blend them together(bonus the wipe also cleans your hands).

Using a stencil and texture paste I added random bits to the canvas.

I used a trellis die cut next.  First I used black cardstock for the base, then I layered in my Men's Plaid CardstockHoneycomb Stripe Cardstock, and the Tulip Wheels Cardstock.

Once those were in place I added more paint.  As you can see there is not a bit of blue anywhere in my paper choices, but I added just a bit of paint to make the colors pop.  There's a mustard color in there too to pull the Honeycomb and Tulip Wheels  colors into focus.  

This is what the canvas looked like before I added my focal image and text.  

Once the lovely ladies were glued down I gave them fantastic party hats complete with Red Tear Drops, Red Dew Drops, Green Dew Drops, and  Brown Dew Drops.  
I printed the text on white cardstock and inked the edges in black.  To finish I smudged gesso randomly on the canvas.  

A closeup of the good messy paint.  

The ladies giving their best party smiles.

One more shot of the complete canvas.  This is such a fun and easy technique, since there is no technique.  Don't forget that art is supposed to be fun! Use your fingers, smear paint, and give everyone a dorky hat.  
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Robin O'Crowley said...

Very fun canvas, reminds me of "Signs"

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Very fun canvas! Great job Jess!!

Tonya said...

Love the quirkiness of your canvas! Great job! :-)

LisaM said...

Such a fun canvas!

Betsy Skagen said...

Jess, I love how you explain the reasons behind your steps in your tutorials. That makes it ever so much more helpful.

Bev Code said...

so creative.. great mix .. way to go

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