Saturday, February 21, 2015

Make your own paper tape with your Robin's Nest scraps

If there is one common denominator among crafters, it is that we are all hoarders. It is sooooo hard to throw away a scrap of paper--especially when the paper is as beautiful as a Robin's Nest product.

For me, Betsy Skagen, the trouble starts when I begin a project and automatically go to look in my stash of new papers, (which happen to be carefully organized by color, pattern and even brand), instead of digging through my box of scraps. Pretty soon, the scraps are overtaking the studio.

The other day I saw an article in Country Living magazine about using up wrapping paper leftovers, and it inspired me to try doing something similar with one of my favorite Robin's Nest Papers. I hope you will agree that the results are delightful.

Tutorial: How to make paper tape

You only need four items for this quick, easy and frugal project. In addition to your leftover Robin's Nest paper, you need to get some double-sided adhesive that has the protective liner on both sides of the adhesive, a pipe cleaner and a wooden spool. You can find all of these here, or at many craft stores.

Step One
Using a paper trimmer, cut 12" strips of your Robin's Nest Cardstock so that is just slightly wider than the width of your double-sided adhesive. I used the fetching Classic Roses Cardstock.

Step Two
Working in small sections, peel off one side of the adhesive tape and adhere it to the back side of your cardstock. When you reach the end of a 12" strip, line another strip up so that the ends are flush and repeat the process.

Step Three
After making several yards of paper tape, cut the end of the adhesive tape, leaving a one-inch tail.

Step Four
Adhere the tail to either a new or a vintage wooden spool. Wrap the paper tape around the spool.

Step Five
String a coordinating pipe cleaner through the spool and twist it once or twice so that it holds the tape in position.

Step Six 
when you are ready to use your paper tape, just unroll some from the spool, pull of the remaining adhesive liner and adhere to your desired surface. I'm sure you will discover many uses for this pretty paper tape, including scrapbook layouts, crafting projects and gift wrapping.

What you need

  • Robin's Nest cardstock, such as Classic Roses Cardstock
  • Wooden spool
  • Double-sided adhesive with liner
  • Metallic pipe cleaner


Tonya said...

Oh wow! Betsy that is a clever idea! Thanks for the inspiration!

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Cute idea!! I love the simplicity and beauty of your paper tape! Cute!

Terri Sproul said...

cute idea.. i love washi tape

Jess M said...

Woo hoo! You know I have a washi addiction and now I can make my own?! Love this.

LisaM said...

What a wonderful idea and great tutorial!

Lastochka said...

Fantastic tutorial!!

frezja said...

simpatic idea :))

Bev Code said...

super cute ideas and great projects

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