Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Alaska Hike

Hello Robin's Nest Readers,

Robin Posting today.

Still more Alaska pictures!

I'm getting closer to getting this trip finished!
So more to come.

I wanted to do something completely different with this layout.

I decided to add a bright pink with the green to this layout.
It is just a simple layout, but so monumental
to the trip.  We just had lots of fun in the beautiful
Alaska mountains.
Who could not fall in love with this scenery?

I can see why people love to live in Alaska, I will 
add to that, in the Summer!

I don't enjoy the winters, but seriously, I don't really enjoy
the winters period.  I like them, just not for a very long time.
But, alas, I live in Utah, so there is cold, cold, cold.
So while, I am in the cold, I love to flip through
my summer photos and enjoy the warmth that is inseminated by the photos.

I love how the pink and green go together with these 
fun photos,  can you see the fire plants that are
so famous in Alaska in these pictures?

They line the roads everywhere there and bring such beauty to the 
state.  We went blueberry picking, but didn't find any blueberries on this trip,
just hiked, and enjoyed the view of these gorgeous mountains

I used the Glitter Clover CS, Pink Glitter Sorbet, Discovery Girl,
and the Outdoor Sticker.

Clover Border Glitter CardstockShocking Pink Glitter Sorbet Cardstock
Discovery Girl Glitter CardstockOutdoors Sticker

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Have a great day.




The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

I love the pink hues, great color combo. Cute layouts too, great job!

frezja said...

GREAT layout :)

Bev Code said...

the green and pink colouring is awesome

Tonya said...

Love the color combo! Awesome layout!

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