Saturday, January 24, 2015

Give a sweet surprise

Even though my Christmas supplies still sit in precariously tower over a corner of the studio, there's been a flurry of Valentine projects underway at Paper Calliope. So while I may have to face up to the fact that I will never finish those last few ornaments, at least it is because I can't stop scheming about Valentine crafts.

Hi, I'm Betsy Skagen, and I wanted to show you a fun little craft that is sure to make anyone's Valentine's Day pop with fun.

Valentine Surprise Pop-Up Box Tutorial

Step One
Cut a piece of Red Glitter Paisley Cardstock with a matchbox die.

Step Two
Repeat using the White Snow Glitter Cardstock.

Step Three
Fold the White Snow Glitter Cardstock, adhering flaps, to create the inner box. Make sure the glitter side is on the outside of the box.

Step Four
Fold the Red Glitter Paisley Cardstock to create the outer sleeve and adhere in place.

Step Five
Cut the large rectangle from the the leftover Red Glitter Paisley Cardstock inner box piece and adhere to the inside bottom of the box.

Step Six
Cut two 3/4" x 12" strips of Iridescent Classic Glitter Vellum and score every 1/4 inch. Do this very carefully because it is easy to tear the vellum.

Step Seven
Fan fold the vellum strips back and forth. Adhere the strips together to form a circle. Press flat and secure with a drop of hot glue in the center. This will make the rosette. If you need more detailed instructions on making a rosette, please refer to this basic tutorial.

Step Eight
Cut a red glitter heart that is approximately 1/2" wide by hand  (or use a punch) from the Red Stripe Glitter Cardstock.

Step Nine
Using a hot glue gun, adhere the red heart to the center of the rosette, making sure the glitter side of the rosette faces out. Attach red foil hearts, or any small bling of your choice, around the rosette.

Step Ten
Take apart an old click-button ballpoint pen and remove the spring. Hot glue the spring to the inside front center of the box base. Then, attach the rosette to the top of the spring with hot glue.

Step Eleven
Adhere a small decoration of your choice to the top (outer sleeve) of the box.

Step Twelve
Gently press the rosette backward and hold down while you slide the box into the sleeve. If you wish, you can place a special message beneath the rosette.

Step Thirteen
Adhere a Red Dew Drop to the front of the drawer.

Now, when someone special opens your box, the valentine rosette will spring forward, providing a delightful surprise.

Stuff I used

Red Glitter Paisley Cardstock
White Snow Glitter Cardstock
Iridescent Classic Glitter Vellum
Red Stripe Glitter Cardstock
Red Dew Drop
Matchbox Die
Scoring board
Hot glue gun
Spring from old click-button ballpoint pen
Red foil hearts
Cherub from personal stash


Tonya said...

I love altering matchboxes! Yours is so adorable and great tutorial!

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

What a cute surprise!! Great instructions too! Love it Betsy!!

Robin O'Crowley said...

Adorable idea!

Ann Strecko Koeman said...

Lovely surprise! :)

Terri Sproul said...

this is adorable...

LisaM said...

Adorable surprise!

frezja said...

cute suprise :)

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

this is just marvelous - great, just what I needed, ANOTHER must-do project!

Jess M said...

I was wondering where you got the spring! So clever!

Lastochka said...

Wonderful tutorial and creation!

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