Thursday, January 29, 2015

Friendship Wraps and Robin's Nest Cards

Friendship Wraps
Robin's Nest Cards

Welcome to The Robin's Nest blog.
Don't you love the name, Chattering Robins?
It makes me smile that we seem to attract Robins to The Robin's Nest, which I love!  All Robins are welcome here, and all other pretty birdies are welcome as well.  

I am sharing more of our New Product lines today.  The products I am sharing today include the Friendship Wraps and The Robin's Nest Cards.  We even snuck in a few other products to accentuate the Friendship Wraps.  

The Friendship Wraps each contain three different colors of chipboard boxes.  Each group matches our New Collections, which include Rose Euphoria, Azure Harmony, and Saffron Sunrise.  Use these Friendship Wraps as an easy way to give a gift to someone special.

The Robin's Nest Cards are a New Idea.  Each package includes 5 cards, which have a different design on each side of the card.  These cards are designed to go with our New Collections also.
Here is a picture of the packages of Robin's Nest Cards.

This is the Rosy Cards separated, and one side of them.

And here is the back side...

These are really fun to work with!  I love the easiness of them, they can be used as an embellishment for a Scrapbook Layout, a saying for a card, or, as in our examples, a splash of fun on the Friendship Wraps.  These are the views of the Saffron Cards.

And the backs of these very fun embellishments.

What do you think so far? I will share the links to each new item.  A big thanks to Robin O'Crowley for "throwing" these together for me.

This Friendship Wrap is from our Closed Handle Teal Friendship Wrap.  It is such a cute sentiment gift, this idea could be used for someone graduating, or a baby gift.

The New products that adorn this cute wrap include our Rosy Fly Chipboard and Rosy Ribbon.

Our Open-Handle Teal Friendship Wrap goes together to look like this. (Don't you like the grey skies in the background, I just had to take the picture this way, hehe).

The Robin's Nest embellishments that adorn this cute wrap include the Saffron Cards and Saffron Ribbon.

Our Tower Teal Friendship Wrap can be filled with a piece of jewelry, candy, or just a wonderful box of love.

Our adorable embellishments that adorn this include Rosy Cards, Rosy Flowers, Azure Harmony Ribbon, and a Metallic Pink Dew Drop.

Well, I hope that I have given you a better understanding of our New Products.  They are so much fun to create with.   What would you create with them?

The Robin's Nest
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LisaM said...

These are awesome!

Ann Strecko Koeman said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I would never leave my craft room if I had these!

shari welch said...

So cute!

Robin O'Crowley said...


Tonya said...

I have so many uses for these! LOVE!!! <3

Lastochka said...

Wow! So interesting to read about new lines!

frezja said...

awesome :)

Bev Code said...

super cute

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