Thursday, January 15, 2015

Add A Little Color

When working on a project, do you ever catch yourself thinking "that doesn't go with THAT!". Well, sometimes that's true. But not always...

It's Ro back with you today to give you some ideas of how to tweak your cardstock. Take a look at these three pieces of cardstock:
Creme Animal Print
Lodge Cutouts
Wedding Cutouts
You might not think to use them together on a single project since they don't really all go together. But I looked at it a little differently. Just by adding a little color with some colored pencils (I used Spectrum Noir), all three pieces of cardstock magically meshed! Look at the difference between the bird tags.

The brownish color is how it comes, and after tweaking with the colored pencils, it took on a whole new hue and matches the animal print perfectly! And with a little more color, the greys from the Wedding cardstock match too!

Would you like to see whole card? I think I've teased you enough!

These three non-matching pieces of cardstock are now woven together into a beautiful card. I chose bits and pieces of the two CutOut sheets and blended them with a totally unrelated background of the animal print. With the little pops of color from the Dew Drops and Tear Drops reflecting the bit of color on the paper, it just all works together.

Here's how it came together. This is an 8" x 4" card. I cut the animal print slightly smaller and adhered it to the front of the card. I then added a little twine that I twisted and taped to the front.

I know, it looks kind of funny at this point, but it gets better! I then foam-taped two pieces of the colored cutouts and secured them on top of the twine. Then I added the lovely Birch Tree straws, some Dew Drops, some Tear Drops, and the word "Love" cut out from the Wedding Cutouts.

The flower is so easy to make with the Tear Drops. And it balanced out the color on the card layout.

For the inside of the card, I added pieces from all three papers and blended them together.

Now that you see how differently papers can look with just a little touch of color, maybe you will have some new ideas on using papers that you never would have thought could go together!

I hope I was able to inspire you to do some thinking outside the box. See you soon!

Supplies used:

Note: At the time of writing, Animal Creme Non-Glittered Cardstock was not listed on the store site. It should be available by post date.

Also used:  White cardstock, Adhesive, Twine, Spectrum Noir Colored Pencils


Robin O'Crowley said...

Fabulous tutorial! This is how the papers are really intended for use! Very nice!

Tonya said...

Love how you made everything tie in together. Great tutorial!

Terri Sproul said...

this is a fun post

LisaM said...

Great tutorial! Love your card!

Lastochka said...

Great work and tutorial!

frezja said...

mi gusta :) ahahahahha :) great project :)

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