Saturday, January 31, 2015

Prize Ribbons

Don't you wish you could give someone a prize ribbon just because they are fun or kind? Well now you can! Jess here to show you how to make these cuties.  
Cut your Men's Plaid Compass CardstockTulip Wheels Cardstock, and Honeycomb Fleur Cardstock into 1/2 inch strips that are 6 inches long.  

Use double stick tape to fold the ends into the middle.  

Once all your strips are taped use a tiny stapler to attach them into a cross shape.  

When they are all stapled layer them up so you can see the different layers.  Attach the layers using a strong double stick tape or hot glue.  I used hot glue. 

Make a rosette and attach it to the top of your ribbon and add your focal image.  Take bits of ribbon and glue them to the back.  

Cover the back with another circle of Men's Plaid Compass Cardstock to cover any glue bits.  Add a pin back and voila! Fantastic prize ribbons to give to your buds just for being awesome.  

I love how these two ribbons look so different but I used the same cardstock for both.  It just depends on how you build your layers and which side of the paper you highlight.  
Hope you try your hand at making prize ribbons! Stop by my blog tomorrow to see some jumbo ribbons I made.

Love Makes my Tea Cup Over Flow

Hi everyone! It's me Tonya and I am back as a guest designer this month for the Robin's Nest. I want to share a quick project I created using a sheet of the Lips Glittered Cardstock which I printed this  Tea cup and Saucer printable on to it. It is a very easy project to do. All you have to do is, of course, print and then cut the cup and saucer out and glue together.

I adhered the cup and the saucer together and next I crumpled up some paper and glued inside the bottom of the cup. The little girl image I found on the internet and I printed her off and fussy cut her out and then adhered her to the crumpled paper inside the cup.

I added tulle, twine, paper flowers and some punch out for some leftover scraps of  Valentine Stripe, Spring Stripe Glitter Cardstock and Irridescent Classic Glitter Swirl Vellum to decorate the inside of the cup. 

The banner is made from scraps of Bunny Stripe CardstockVanilla Fleur Glitter Cardstock, sequins and the pearl dew drops from the Crimson Mini Dew Drops mix. There you have this project can be as easy or as "foofed up" as you want it to be. This make perfect Valentine's Day decorations or you can change and do another type of holiday or event. Be sure to check out the Robin's Nest for all your papercrafting needs and they always have a few new collections that you need to check out too. :-)

Supplies Used
Sequins, Tulle, Baker's Twine, Thread, Trim, Paper Doily, chipboard butterfly and Flowers, Glitter, Pearl Spray

Thanks for stopping by, hope your Saturday is awesome and enjoy creating!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Friendship Wraps and Robin's Nest Cards

Friendship Wraps
Robin's Nest Cards

Welcome to The Robin's Nest blog.
Don't you love the name, Chattering Robins?
It makes me smile that we seem to attract Robins to The Robin's Nest, which I love!  All Robins are welcome here, and all other pretty birdies are welcome as well.  

I am sharing more of our New Product lines today.  The products I am sharing today include the Friendship Wraps and The Robin's Nest Cards.  We even snuck in a few other products to accentuate the Friendship Wraps.  

The Friendship Wraps each contain three different colors of chipboard boxes.  Each group matches our New Collections, which include Rose Euphoria, Azure Harmony, and Saffron Sunrise.  Use these Friendship Wraps as an easy way to give a gift to someone special.

The Robin's Nest Cards are a New Idea.  Each package includes 5 cards, which have a different design on each side of the card.  These cards are designed to go with our New Collections also.
Here is a picture of the packages of Robin's Nest Cards.

This is the Rosy Cards separated, and one side of them.

And here is the back side...

These are really fun to work with!  I love the easiness of them, they can be used as an embellishment for a Scrapbook Layout, a saying for a card, or, as in our examples, a splash of fun on the Friendship Wraps.  These are the views of the Saffron Cards.

And the backs of these very fun embellishments.

What do you think so far? I will share the links to each new item.  A big thanks to Robin O'Crowley for "throwing" these together for me.

This Friendship Wrap is from our Closed Handle Teal Friendship Wrap.  It is such a cute sentiment gift, this idea could be used for someone graduating, or a baby gift.

The New products that adorn this cute wrap include our Rosy Fly Chipboard and Rosy Ribbon.

Our Open-Handle Teal Friendship Wrap goes together to look like this. (Don't you like the grey skies in the background, I just had to take the picture this way, hehe).

The Robin's Nest embellishments that adorn this cute wrap include the Saffron Cards and Saffron Ribbon.

Our Tower Teal Friendship Wrap can be filled with a piece of jewelry, candy, or just a wonderful box of love.

Our adorable embellishments that adorn this include Rosy Cards, Rosy Flowers, Azure Harmony Ribbon, and a Metallic Pink Dew Drop.

Well, I hope that I have given you a better understanding of our New Products.  They are so much fun to create with.   What would you create with them?

The Robin's Nest
We Create to Inspire

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Archival Seeds

Archival Seeds

Hello Robin's Nest Readers!

The Robin's Nest Team has been busy for months coming up with our new product lines.  Every day I see the potential for these very fun items.  I have been waiting for a day to share some of them with you, this week has a few openings, so I am taking advantage!

My focus today is Archival Seeds.

Archival Seeds are a paper product.  Each package contains a group of colors in different shades, types of paper, and sizes.  We have happily named some of the colors Bubble GumPistachio, Tender Teal, Cherry Kisses, and Honey Passion.

Here is a card showing these fabulous Archival Seeds off.

Archival Seeds are adhered easily with pretty much any craft glue.  In this particular project, I used The Best Glue Ever by Scraperfect.  

To start, I like to get the materials together that I want to use in the project.  I don't always use all of the materials, and sometimes I go back and get more materials, but it does help me to have a better idea of what I am going to do with the project.

With this card, I wanted to create a rainbow of colors coming from the flight of the bird.  Because I wanted to used the bird in flight, I chose Sky Blue Glitter Cardstock.  The stamp is from Sin City Stamps.  I like to practice a stamping a couple of times before I stamp on my actual project.  It helps me not mess up so much.  

To adhere the Archival Seeds, I placed them in a pattern that I wanted to form.  I then moved the Archival Seed up a tiny bit, and placed a dot of glue, then I moved the Seed back into place.

I continued to do this with all of the colors that I wanted in the Rainbow.

You can use Dew Dew Glue to adhere these too.  Just place the Dew Dew Glue on the page, then place the Archival Seed on top of it.  Easy, right?

Just let the glue dry, which doesn't take very long.
Here are some different points of view.  I want you to see the dimension of the Archival Seeds.

Thanks for letting me show you this fun New Product Line.  

Have a great day!
The Robin's Nest
We Create to Inspire

Family Photos

Hello Readers,

It's so fun to come together and share fun pages using 
the Robin's Nest product lines.

I sometimes wonder when I am creating my pages did I really
intend for this paper to be used this way, or what other ways and
with what other products can I use this paper.

Today is just one of those days.
I have used in the first layout the lodge line with
the family tree rub on, and the regency sticker.

The page just pulls family together so well!

Forest Trees Specialty PaperWrap Glitter Cardstock
I used the back side of the trees paper for the background of this layout.
Family Rub-OnRegency Sticker
These sizes are a little bit deceiving, since the sticker is much larger than the rub on,

This layout is with our daughters by birth and by marriage.
I had intended this paper for babies and children, but the
combo of the papers, and glitter just were perfect for this photo.

We aren't dressed in very pastel colors, but the pastel
look of the paper brings such femininity to the page.

I cut the accents from the same paper, just using the back side. 

Sorry about the bottom edge, it came through on the scanner.

Peach Glitter CardstockDiscovery Girl Glitter Cardstock

Other elements for this page come from Gina's Designs.

I so love her work.

You can find these products on our Robin's Nest
web page.
just tap on the link and it will take you there!



Monday, January 26, 2015

Diamonds, gold, and a classic

A decorative Bust.

This year at CHA, we were asked to make an item to be auctioned off at the Gala.  The proceeds went towards Children and the Arts, of course we wanted to make something Gala worthy, so this is what I came up with... With the help of my family :). 

I started with a plain bust I found at Pier 1, a fun store to walk through.  She is about 3' tall and covered in a soft canvas material. I really liked the fleur on top too, it gives it a classy feel.

Using The Robin's Nest Obsidian Diamond Dew Drops and The Best Glue Ever, I placed the diamonds in a row following the bottom seam of the fabric. I also decided that I wanted to just Dew Drop the front section of the bust, and would see where that lead me.  I drew a line of glue from seam to seam and added the Diamonds.

To add a break in the monotony of the lines I added a Mini Gold Dew Drop, which also helped when the lines of the Diamond Dew Drops did not line up in a maticulous row. (Mistakes are always easily covered up). 

Here is a good look after several rows have been glued.  This really doesn't take a lot of time, just a little patience getting the rows to be straight.

And another view...

I decided to stop here with the diamonds because it has a look of a "Little Black Dress".  From here, I was trying to incorporate some paper products, and I tried a few different ideas, here is one example, which was scrapped... 

Ultimately, I decided to go with a paper scarf made with Gold Paisley Cardstock. My mom did this for me :).  She took 2 sheets of the Gold Paisley Cardstock, ran it under water, and crumpled it up. She then meshed it together in a scarf.  In Cortney's tool/extra parts drawer, we found gold "pin" thingies and we secured the scarf with them... What a perfect surprise!  We also added more "paper" scarf at the bottom, to match top to bottom.

I do not have a picture of the back, but at the bottom, we put our motto "We Create to Inspire" in cursive letters at the bottom of the hem, along with our egg logo.  

I had some junk gold junk jewelry that we had acquired from an action, it matched perfectly! I used the necklace as the belt and the bracelet as the necklace. We also added an additional necklace to enhance the neckline.

Sadly, this is the only picture I have of the final project, just before we left for CHA, so if the person who won the auction of this would be willing to share a better pic, I would gladly share it with you, :).

I hope that you have a super great day!
Rachel O'Crowley
The Robin's Nest

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