Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Wood Block Ornaments

Welcome Robin's Nest Fans!

I am giving you directions from the blog hop ornaments.  My friend, Kimberly, gave me these ornaments last year for Christmas.  She said "I am sure that you will make something crafty with these."  Well I have been saving them all year, just for this occasion.  Thanks Kim!
You can get these precut ornaments at your local wood shop.

I really wanted to make ornaments that reflected our family.  I think that Christmas is all about family, and I have always wanted to have ornaments that are memorable.  I thought that the black and white photos would fit perfect, but I also thought that sepia would be cute too. Decisions, decisions.

I removed the twine from all of the wood, then traced around them.  As you can tell, I am not the greatest of tracers, so I always trace on the back side of the card stock that I using... So no one will ever know.  For the moose I used Mens Plaid/Compass Cardstock as the background,  and Glitter Wrap to frame the kids' photo.  To make the ornament unique, I offset the photo; then added our newest product: Archival Seeds.  These are soon to be released.  Be on the look out.

Here is an up close pic of the Moose Ornament.

And how cute are these kids, so "in love".
My kids are all moved out now.  I now have two adorable puppies to consume my time.  So, of course, I had to include them in our family ornaments.

These photos depict the triming, gluing, adding the puppy photo, and fussy-cutting around the back side to make the photo apart of the shape of the ornament.  I also used a round file to sand down the edges of the Red Glitter Swirl Cardstock.  The puppies are framed in the Men's Plaid/Compass Cardstock.

Archival Seeds were added to this ornament, as well, for dimension.  These seeds are concave and can be used "up" or "down".  You are going to love them.

The gingerbread man ornament has Red Plaid/Stripe, Glitter Wrap, and Red Glitter Swirl Cardstock.  The ribbon is Robin's Nest Straw (also coming soon), and more Archival Seeds.

Here are the rest of the ornaments.  Don't you just love the Reindeer's nose.  I am very glad to have the excuse to make these.  They are going to go perfect with my PVC pipe tree I created last year.  

I hope that your holidays are filled with family, friends, and happiness!

The Robin's Nest


Joan said...

Wow, what cool ornaments!! I love that these have family photos on them!!!

Tonya said...

Adorable! Great way to showcase family photos!

Ann Strecko Koeman said...


Jean Moore said...

These are so very darling and such wonderful memory makers!

Robin O'Crowley said...

Very very cute

Diane - dCipollo Designs said...

great idea to use personal pics

Lastochka said...

This is so warm! All these wooden ornaments are amazing!

Bev Code said...

super adorable ornaments..

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