Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christ filled Christmas Tree

Hello Readers,

I have been wanting to create a Christmas Tree
that centers around the Savior.
For years, I have been wanting to do this,
and alas, 
the old ornaments come out, and I just didn't take the time
to create the names of Christ for my tree.

This year we have been spending lots of time with my dad.
Mom died a year and a half ago, so he is real lonely,
and we just keep him company and 
bring some spark into mom's home.

I love setting the table for the seasons,
and adding a few things to the fireplace.
Dad did't put up a tree last year
and... gave away all the decorations!
I was needing to create decorations.

So I decided to put up a tree for him this year.
We knew we were going to California for a week
right after Thanksgiving, so I have been working on this 
Christ centered tree.

Mom had a beautiful picture of Baby Jesus on her wall, 
 and a wonderful easel to put the picture on in the living room,
so I combined them together to create this look
next to the tree.

I created each name of the Savior by using a few
Robin's Nest Papers and my Cricut.

 Silver Classic Glitter Swirl VellumGold with Gold Glitter Cardstock

I used silver glitter vellum and gold chipboard
I used my gypsy and created all the names that represent
the Savior.  I did this on our drive to Colorado
a few weeks ago.  New grand baby there that we
went to see and help our kids while Tara was in the
Hospital, and after.
So on the long drive, I created these different names
and had them all ready when we arrived back to Utah so I
could cut them out in black cardstock on the cricut.

I then made each tag differently as the words
were placed together to create my tags.
And each tag is made to fit the name.

I took these pictures with my iphone instead of my camera,
it was already packed, so they aren't a good as i'd like.

With the gypsy you can weld the letters together and create
one long word, or use different fonts together
to create the word you are wanting.

I purchased large gold and red glitter balls 
and gold glitter stars at the dollar store.

Last year after Christmas I happened upon a sale at
Dillards and all the Christmas decorations were on sale
at 75% off, this is where I picked up the
ribbon around the tree.

I haven't as yet added the medallion I made for the blog hop.
But I have chosen black and white, gold and silver for this
tree.  Here is the medallion that I created for the hop.
It will go at the top of the tree when I get back.

At last, here is baby Jesus with all of 
the names that represent him throughout his life.

This is the reason for the season.
The birth of the Savior,
our Redeemer.

Have a wonderful Christmas Season,




Tonya said...

So true Jesus is the reason for the season. Such a beautiful Christmas tree! Love how you used the simply red and gold balls (and you got a great deal on them) as not to take away for the signs.

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Very nice tree. I am sure he will be in the Christmas spirit this year.

Joan said...

What a lovely tree!!

Lyneen said...

What a beautiful tree that it true to the season! I LOVE IT!

Lastochka said...

It is the real tree of peace! Love the little boy near)

Diane - dCipollo Designs said...

beautiful idea!

Bev Code said...

awesome tree accents.. beautiful

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