Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Halloween Tombstone Part 1

Hello Readers,
It's Wednesday
and I am so excited about my post today
and for the next few weeks!

Hey returning designers,
do you remember the cool stuff we
got from Gina's Designs?

I was sooo jealous when I saw what you received 
and then tried to figure out what to do with what I received!

A TOMBSTONE with a fence!

Well, it is now time to share with you my take 
on this tomb stone, I have waited for Halloween to come closer
so I could use this fun chipboard cutout from Gina"s Designs.

Here are my pieces.
The tombstone, 2 fences, and a base.

I painted the fence and base black,
I then glittered the fence with black glitter and glue.
Then I covered the tombstone with Black glitter trees.

Here are the beginnings of the tombstone scene.

After I had it glued together I thought,
mmmm, I have enough room inside the fence to create a book.
So here is the project completed.
I will use 3 posts to show you all the steps to get
to this cute Halloween scene starting with the 

Here is the completed Halloween scene.
Inside the tombstone garden area is the Wicked mini book 
I created.

Close up on the book inside the fence. and the decorated fence.

Close up of the front of the book.

When you take the book out of the fenced in area,
here is what the finished tombstone looks like.

Soooo Halloween!

I chose only 4 colors to work with on this book.
Black, orange, white, and grey.
So, I went through my Halloween file and pulled out anything I had in just those 
colors, I also pulled out my black and white file,
so I could integrate any papers that may work with just
those colors.
You may not use all the things you pull out,
but it is so helpful as you work your project to pull everything 
out that could be used on your project, having it all close
to your fingers and inspiring you to design a great project.

I also purchase a Halloween embellishment every year that is 
new to the industry, Usually, it is an EK Success embellishment 
that is very 3 dimensional.
Here on the front of the fence is the white pumpkins, 
(I purchased them several years ago)
They just work so good throughout the whole project.
I also chose papers that make you feel like you are in a graveyard.
Glitter Black Trees is one of my single favorite papers 
for Halloween.  This paper has been with us for years
and is a Halloween staple in the Robin's Nest Halloween grouping.
Black Glitter Trees is covering the tombstone and
 is the cover for the mini book.

I also embellished the tombstone with
Black 6mm dew drops
Black diamond drops
Orange Glitter Crackle CS (rosette)

I cut out the lettering on Cricut.
Isn't that so funny!
I maybe should add a R.I.P. too.

Of course we need a witch for this tombstone.
Here are the products I used to create her.

Black burlap
orange and black stripe ribbon
Black sparkle ribbon for her boa
Gina's Designs dress form (very thick wood)
Black thin ribbon

Our witch is such a fun addition to our Halloween scene.
I cut the burlap into a strip and gathered the top edge,
I also sewed a orange and white ribbon around the bottom edge of 
her dress.  Then I tied the dress onto the dress form after I painted
it black.  I tucked a corset into the top of the dress 
and glued it onto the dress form.
I forgot to tell you that the corset and the dress form are also
from Gina's Designs.  
I used the black sparkly ribbon as a boa,
added a few spiders, a Robin's Nest hat sticker
and a few brads to the dress as embellishments.
She turned out pretty cute!

Here she is in front of the Wicked mini book.
I will show the mini book in one of the next 2 posts.

So here again is the finished Halloween scene.
Tombstone scene, with a
Wicked Mini Albun
a witch
and a framed back ground behind the 

Are you getting ready for Halloween?
This really makes me want to pull down those 
stored away boxes and bring out

Robin's Nest Papers and Embellishments are found
on our website




Tonya said...

Oh my goodness! There is sooo many little details to look at which I love!!! What a Halloween treat!!! Awesome job!

Joan said...

Wow, this is really cool!! I love it all! Wonderful Halloween decoration!!!

Lastochka said...

Looks fantastic. Can not wait to see more)

Penny Lee said...

Wow! This is it!

Betsy Skagen said...

I so so so love this! I can't decide what detail I like best!

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

This is so fabuloso mother! The witch is my fav!

Diane - dCipollo Designs said...

I love the gravestone and book combo. Really cool.

Bev said...

OMG amazing and creative.. great details

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