Sunday, September 21, 2014

Halloween Lantern

Halloween is my favorite holiday and I usually create a table centerpiece each year. This year, I decided to design an SVG cut file for a 3D lantern, which I created with the spooky Halloween Collection from The Robin's Nest.

When you think of Halloween, what colors come to mind? For me, it's the mixture of colors in the Halloween Collection. The bright orange, green and purple against the black background was perfect for the lantern centerpiece.

The pillars of the lantern were cut from Glitter Ghosts Cardstock. The lantern top was cut from Purple Bats Glitter Cardstock and the top panels were cut from Halloween Stripe Glitter Cardstock. The lantern base and pillar covers were cut from Pumpkins Glitter Cardstock and the lantern ceiling and floor were cut from Orange Crackle Glitter Cardstock.

The first step was to glue the sides of the lantern together and then glue one support to the inside of each pillar. I really like the little ghosts pattern on the Glitter Ghosts Cardstock. It gives the illusion that the ghosts are floating around the inside of the lantern. The floor of the lantern is one point of interest, so I used the colorful Orange Crackle Glitter Cardstock. Finally, I glued the front covers, cut from the Pumpkins Glitter Cardstock, to the outside of lantern pillars.

Next I glued the lantern top pieces together. To add a little Halloween bling, I covered the underneath of the top, the ceiling of the lantern, with Orange Crackle Glitter Cardstock. I covered each side of the top with a panel cut from Halloween Stripe Glitter Cardstock.

Next, I glued the lantern base together. As with the lantern front pieces, the base was also cut from Pumpkins Glitter Cardstock. I then glued the pillars onto the base.

The last step was to glue the lantern top to the lantern. Now we are ready to add the Halloween details that make up the lantern centerpiece.

The SVG print and cut file for the small 4 inches high coffin comes with the skeleton face picture, frame, bat and RIP gravestone. The coffin was cut from the Spiderweb Glitter Cardstock and fits perfectly inside the lantern.

I added a little purple tulle around the top and bottom of the lantern, draping the tulle as it was done in those old horse drawn hearses. I added a little moss, a gravestone and the coffin inside the lantern. The bats flying around the outside were cut from Purple Crackle Glitter Cardstock.

The skeleton is sitting on more moss and wearing a hat cut from the reverse side of the Camo Ghost Glitter Cardstock. To add more bling, I wrapped the hat with tinsel twine. He’s holding an sign made from the Halloween Rub-ons. I added wire to a couple of the Purple Crackle Glitter Cardstock bats and glued them around the skeleton.

Supplies list:

Purple Bats Glitter Cardstock
Pumpkins Glitter Cardstock
Orange Crackle Glitter Card stock
Black Bats Glitter Cardstock
Halloween Stripe Glitter Cardstock
Spiderweb Glitter Cardstock
Purple Crackle Glitter Cardstock
Camo Ghost Glitter Cardstock
Glitter Ghosts Cardstock
Halloween Rub-on
Skeleton from Alpha Stamps
Tim Holtz idea-ology Tinsel Twine from Jo Ann Fabrics
Purple Tulle from Jo Ann Fabrics

Thanks for coming. I hope you enjoyed this project using The Robin’s Nest Collections. Grab it while it's on sale!


Silhouette SVG print and cut files available at dCipollo Designs.


Lastochka said...

Lantern looks adorable! Love the photo tutorial!

Robin O'Crowley said...

Wow Diane, such a cute idea, I love your skeleton on the top with his sign!

Tonya said...

How frightfully adorable!!! Love it!!! <3

Joan said...

This is super fantastic!!! Love it!!

Betsy Skagen said...

You impress me wit the details of your engineering and how it is all from scratch! You are so talented!

Diane - dCipollo Designs said...

Thanks guys.

Penny Lee said...

Lovely work Diane....looks great!

Bev said...

amazing projects.. so creative and inspirational

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

I am in awe! This is a fabulous project!! The design is fascinating!!

Giorgia Rossini said...

amazing project!

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