Saturday, August 9, 2014

Summer Nights Patio Lights

It is a time to relish. Outside gatherings with friends and family during these waning evenings of summer will be gone before we know it.

You can make those nights a little more special with handcrafted patio lights. It is fun, easy and the finished product can look amazing.

Ok, I confess. My patio has been overtaken by too many weeds to actually invite friends over. As for family—my kids are great big weenies who whine about impending bug attacks the entire dinner.  However, I’ve heard that normal families actually do things like dine on their patios. Hopefully, you have the kind of family who will enjoy the patio light that you lovingly craft. If not, maybe you at least have normal-outdoor-entertaining-patio-dining-friends who might appreciate a one of a kind handmade gift.

The theme at the Robin’s Nest this month is flowers, and with bright cheerful flowers and bugs, this project fits in perfectly.

Step 1 Following directions on label, pour Mod Podge Sheer Colors into a clear mason jar. Swirl until inside is completely covered.

Step 2 Turn jar upside down and let it drain and dry. I can’t emphasize this enough. It took about three days before it was completely dry and I was pleased with the color. Before that, I was certain the jar would be too dark.


Step 3 Trim any dried on paper and paint off end of jar.

Step 4 Trim the Spring Flowers Glitter Cardstock to the outside edges of the pink stripe. From the pink stripe, measure 3 ¾" in and cut the paper, so that you have a 12" x 3 ¾" strip of paper.

Step 5 Apply adhesive to back of paper. Placing the pink stripe nearest the bottom of the jar, wrap tightly paper tightly around jar and adhere to jar.

Step 6 Cut a ½" x 12" strip of Sun Yellow Glitter Cardstock and adhere to top edge.

Step 7 Cut a ½" x 12" strip of Purple Flowers Glitter Cardstock and adhere to outside of jar lid

Step 8 Trace circle of inside of lid onto same paper, cut it out and set aside.

Step 9 Adhere two large butterfly stickers and small bee from the Butterfly Sticker Sheet to same paper so that the solid purple side will be the visible back of the bugs. Fussy cut bugs out. Score butterfly wings and bend slightly upward. Glue Dew Drops to butterflies. Adhere butterflies and bee to jar.

Step 10 Coil a length of wire around a pencil to create a spring shape. Thread the coil through the purple circle (solid side facing up) you set aside and tape wire to top of jar lid. Adhere circle to jar lid. On the other end of the coil, adhere two blue butterflies from Butterfly Sticker Sheet back two back on each side of the wire. Glue Dew Drops to each side of butterfly. 

Step 11 Adhere Dew Drops to top rim of jar lid.

 Step 12 Place a battery operated tea light inside jar. Voila—even if your patio is full of weeds, you can’t remember the last time you entertained and your children consider 'nature' a dirty word—your evening will be a little brighter.

Fabulous stuff I used

Spring Flowers Glitter Cardstock
Purple Flowers Glitter Cardstock
Butterfly Sticker Sheet
Sun Yellow Glitter Cardstock
Dew Drops
Mason jar
Mod Podge Sheer Purple Transparent
Battery tea light

Glitteringly yours, Betsy at Paper Calliope


Diane Cipollo said...

I love this idea

Robin O'Crowley said...

What a fun project! Great idea for summer nights

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Cute! I can imagine that your children are a little jealous that they are not going to use this with their outdoor meal. Great instructions too!

Tonya said...

What a fun and awesome idea! You can even make some for indoor use to. Thanks for sharing! <3

Lastochka said...

love this project and ses side!

Bev said...

amazing jar.. super tutorial and finished project looks fabulous

Bev said...

amazing jar.. super tutorial and finished project looks fabulous

Candy Slabaugh said...

Can't wait to try this idea!

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