Thursday, August 14, 2014

Collapsible Paper Trays

With School starting next week, I have been trying to come up with ideas for both the classroom and the home. A friend gave me a pattern for making some trays with fabric and I thought to myself, why not with paper?
I tinkered with the pattern and came up with my take on "Collapsible Paper Trays".

 For the larger of the trays, you'll need a piece of double sided cardstock  9"x9".
Trim all around 2 1/4" as shown.
 Reverse the outer papers to show the other side of cardstock.
Then fold the corner squares with the crease pointing to the center piece.
 Leave a little bit of a 'gap' between the cardstock before placing the washi tape.
Flip over and place washi tape on the other side same as this side. Trim off excess tape with scissors.

 Fold corners in as shown.

Trim off with scissors and discard scraps.

 Cut squares of sticky back Velcro into triangles.
Apply to the paper as shown, each corner gets the 'hook' and 'loop' Velcro piece.

 Pinch the corners shut!

 Decorate with Stickers, and more!

The  9x9 tray with 2 1/4" sides is made with Daisy Stripe Teal, Butterfly Stickers, and green washi tape.

The 8x8 tray with 2" sides is made with Classic Roses, Butterfly Stickers, and pink washi tape.

 The 7x7 tray with 2" sides is made with Tulip Wheels, Butterfly Stickers, Diamond dew Drops, and red with white polka dots washi tape.

There is no wrong size to make these trays. The best part? They fold up for easy storage!
Simply fold the sides inward first, then top and bottom.
Secure with a clip or place inside the front pocket of a school binder.

 Always ready to hold School or crafting supplies!
- Michelle Frae Cummings


Lastochka said...

very cool! like a fabric boxes!

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

These are fun! I love how versatile they are too! Great tutorial! Love it Michelle!

Robin O'Crowley said...

Great idea! So fun

Heather Thompson said...

These are so fun!!

Tonya said...

I agree this is a fun project. Could be given as a card and used as a tray! Great job!

Joan said...

Love these - now I want to make one!! Thanks for the step by step directions!

Betsy Skagen said...

Awesome idea!

Candy Slabaugh said...

Great idea for all those odds and ends on my desk!

Penny Lee said...

Really cool it!

Robin Horasanian said...

Pretty cool idea. Thanks for sharing.

Diane - dCipollo Designs said...

Great idea for limited storage space - which is the story of my life.

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