Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Adorable Dress Hangers

Hello Everyone!

Creative juices are flowing as I work on some very fun projects.
Today I am sharing hangers that are fairly
simple to work on, and such a fun way to add
character to some very special dresses.

I started out with a wooden hanger in this shape, and covered it with
Pink Classic Glitter Swirl CS.
I just used regular glue to glue the paper to the wood.

Then I added dew drops and tear drops.

I decided to create a rose bud and leaves shape with
the dew drops and leaves with tear drops.
I used pink 6mm dew drops and yellow tear drops.

I then glued on a ruffle of lace to the bottom edge of the hanger.

This was just too easy and quite fun, so I decided to make a few more
hangers.  While we were in Ethiopia on our humanitarian mission
we bought traditional Ethiopian dresses for our
grand daughters, so I decided to make a hanger for each 
of the 3 dresses we bought.

On this hanger I decided to use yellow as a contrast to the red
in the dress, and make lady bugs from red tear drops.
I used yellow fleur linen cs (retired)
to cover the hanger.
I then made lady bugs using just a black sharpie on the
red tear drop.  Like this.

Here is the finished hanger with lady bugs crawling on the edge,
and on the front. I also added bright yellow 4mm dew drops on the hanger.

The third hanger is just simple and easy.

I covered the hanger in Spa Glitter Swirl.
I just made flowers and leaves with orange and green tear drops.
and a center to the flower in light green 4mm dew drops.
I love the little half flower on the ends.

Here are all three hangers together and finished.

And the dresses on the hangers.

What fun this was, and I was done in just around an hour!

Have a great day!

To find the dew drops and tear drops 




Tonya said...

Love your the hangers and what a clever idea making ladybugs out of tear dew drops...can you say FUN?!!! Great job on something that is fun and useful too!!!

Joan said...

Adorable!! They look great with the dresses!!

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

So adorable! They go perfect with the dresses, you could use these for brides maid dresses or blessing dresses too :) Love the lady bugs too! Great job!

Lastochka said...

these lady bugs are so lovely! great idea!

Michelle Frae Cummings said...

Beautiful! i love those lady bugs too!

Candy Slabaugh said...

Beautiful idea!

Penny Lee said...

Love the lady bug...beautiful work....very creative­čÉ×

Diane - dCipollo Designs said...

The lady bugs are a great touch.

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