Friday, July 25, 2014

My Summer Smash Book

I'm sure many of you remember this Summer keepsake Box I created back in May of this year. Since then, every time we go somewhere or experience something great, into the box goes the receipts,  cutouts, brochures and some funky treasures!

 I keep scissors, glue and a pen in there as well along with journal cards. Anything too big for the box gets put underneath. Then once a week, I sit down and tape, glue, cut, tear and smash in our summer memories.  People always expect me to create everything from scratch, but sometimes I like to take the easy way out. A smash book has pockets and big sturdy pages for me to add to and alter. I have one for special events and one for my art line portfolio.

Today I'm showing you a few pages I made in my smash book for a upcoming summer trip. I used much of the same techniques that I did in this Forest Mini Book!

My uncle lives on 80 acres of redwood forest land up in Northern California.

I'm looking forward to filling these three pages with family photos, pressed leaves, flowers and stories to tell.  :)

I created these pages from the following:
Birch Tree Paper Straws
Forest Trees paper
Lodge Cut-outs
Mens Plaid/Compass cardstock
Glitter Wrap Paper
Camping Stickers
Black Forest Mini Dew Drops
Wood grain washi tape

Here are some pages -work in progress from the summer happenings so far...Photos to added later.
To keep movie tickets from fading, coat both sides with mod podge, let dry before adding to your memory books. 
So what would you put in your smash book?

-Michelle Frae Cummings


Tonya said...

I've never done a smash journal but it is on list of things to do. Great job on the pages you created!!!

Consuela Gomez said...

I'm new to smashing as well. I love your pages. TFS!

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

I love your smash book pages! Great job Michelle!!

Joan said...

Wonderful Smash pages!!

Lastochka said...

What a fan idea to keep memories in smash!

Diane - dCipollo Designs said...

great idea

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