Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My Heirloom Watch Clock

Hello Everyone,
It's Wednesday Again!

Wednesdays seem to come by faster and faster.
I have been thinking, and collecting for this
project for the last few months.
When we went through my mother's
jewelry there was a stack of watches that no one
claimed.  I saw a cute idea on Pintrest
with watches glued to the glass of a clock.

I've been thinking, how can I do this.  
I first asked my Dad if anyone claimed those watches,
of Moms? No one had, so I went and gathered them up, 
and counted, eight.  Not quite enough.  I then
told Dad what I was going to do with them
and I thought I might have a few of my own.
He went into his bedroom and a few minutes later
handed me a pile of his old watches!

I certainly now had 12! plus a few!
So the project can begin.

Well here is phase 2 of my Watch Clock project.

I will show you a few steps of how I arrived to here.

The original clock.
I had 3 left from my store, no
one liked them I guess, so I ended up
with 3.  I looked for a cheap clock at 
a second had store, and thought, why am I buying
a clock, I have 2 left of these!

I chose my paper, the
new writing paper from our 
wedding line.  

I traced around the clock
and had to use 3 pieces of the paper
to cover the entire edge of the clock.

I then wanted to distress the 
paper and give it a well worn look,
as though it has been hanging on our walls 
for longer than I am old.
 I used Black paint and Pinata grey Color Paint
to achieve this look.  I tried a brown also, but
decided against using the brown.  So I splattered the
black and grey with a small paint brush to achieve the affect
of distress below.  I also painted the edge of the
clock with black.

On the clock face, I wanted a black and white/cream affect.
I was wanting to put this clock in our guest house, and
these are the colors of the guest house.

I used French Vanilla Glitter Fleur Linen CS,
I cut the glittered shapes out and glued them to the inside
of the clock face.
Black Glitter Chipboard (large bird and fleur de lys)
Black Glitter Letters (time)
Wedding Writing Cardstock

I just used the original face with the roman numerals
and then glued on top of it.  This was also
flecked with black and grey paint.
The grey paint flecks make a great difference
in the look of the clock.  It give the aged
dimension that I was really looking for.

I then took apart the watches,
all the watch bands came off, and glued them
onto the outside of the clock area with E6000.

Every other watch is Mom's then Dad's.

I love this watch,  it was the watch my dad wore when I was a young
girl.  It is probably the one I remember the most out of all
of the watches on the clock.  It is scratched and worn, and 
I just so love that I have it to see everyday!

Of course, no project is complete without dew drops!
I tried all different ways of putting them on here,
in a circle, around the edge, inside the clock, but this is what
I finally liked the best.  Just a scattering of 
brown 6mm and tan 4mm dew drops.

Whala,  I am now done!

The finished Clock!
I am loving it so much, I think it isn't going
out in the guest house, 
it needs to stay in the house.
The Kitchen!
so I can see it every day more than one time a day,
often!  Great Memories!

You can find the papers and dew drops on 
our website

Until nest week!




Tonya said...

Love how you altered the clock with old wristband watches! It has memories of your parents and make a great conversation piece in your kitchen. Wonderfully done!!!

Lastochka said...

Love altered projects with The Robin's nest products, but this is fabulous!

Terri Sproul said...

way cool

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Fabulous job!! Very fun and unique!

Penny Lee said...

Love the use of the old watches

Consuela Gomez said...

Hi Robin, I love your idea. It's so cute and I love the old watches you have on the clock. It's an amazing piece. Thanks for inspiring me.. I have a clock at home I was pondering with... :-) Beautiful!

Joan said...

What a great memory piece! Love the clock!!

Tara O'Crowley said...

This really is creative!! Love how it looks!

Robin O'Crowley said...


Bev said...

amazing creative..and stunning.. right down to the small but cute colorful dew drops.. love it

Diane - dCipollo Designs said...

I love the wrist watch idea

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