Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Watermelon Mini Book

Hello Robin's Nest Friends!

We are still in Africa working on projects!
Such a fun way to spend our retirement!

I am sharing a watermelon book that I made
sometime back. 

Today I decided to share with you a watermelon mini book that I created. This book is made out of all Robin's Nest Products. The first picture is the cover of the book. To create the book, I used a dinner plate as my pattern and traced it on a 12x12 sheet of Robin's Nest cardstock. So each page is the circle cut in half. The cover below is my watermelon half.

I originally made this book for one of my grand daughters whos father had been in Afghanistan. The cover said "The SUMMER my dad came home safe. So the book included a journaling page for her to write her feelings of her dad, then a page with a big happy face, this is the page with the yellow center, and around the edge has I am so Happy. Then the rest of the book was filled with pictures of her, her sisters, and her dad, his soldier pics, and then when he came home pics of all of them together on their adventures after he was home. This book can be used for so many different uses, It is just a great summer book in general.

I used Glitter red sorbet cardstock, and green fleur linen cardstock. I cut the circle out traced from the dinner plate, and I used the same circle pattern on the green, then just cut out the inside edge of the circle to make the green rind. I then tore the inside edge of the rind to create the white edge. I could only get 3 rinds from one 12x12 sheet.
Then I added black tear drops around the edge of the rind on the glitter red sorbet creating my watermelon.
The finished cover above has the word Summer cut from our own green glitter chipboard. Then a "bite" at the top was created from a Spellbinders die, just used a third of the die, I then added die cut swirl with leaf in honeycomb fleur linen cardstock (sizzix die) and a bee sticker.

This is the journaling page I was talking about. It is created with our Ivy trim Cardstock, then I drew lines in with a ruler, I then added a Spellbinders shape cut between the two pages, cut from French Vanilla Fleur glitter linen cardstock. Then a few bee stickers. This is a great journaling page!

This page is made just like the cover of the book. Pictures can be added to the top of the watermelon, and journaling on the tag. The Robin's Nest has these wonderful journaling shapes with lines in them and the edge is glittered in different colors. The journaling shapes come 5 different shapes to a page, and there are 2 sheets of 10 different shapes in the package. This journaling tag is in green. There are 6 different colors in these journaling tags, I think anyways there are 6. I absolutely love these journaling tags. They just open the door for so many projects, and a very easy way to add journaling to your page or book. They are FABULOUS! You will see more of these in the other books I am creating this year. The background red print is Cindy Lou dot cardstock, the green edge is again the green fleur linen cardstock, I added a bee and black tear drops for seeds.

This page is the back of the Ivy Trim Cardstock, so it just flips up into this cute stripe. I added a bright yellow circle in yellow paper, 5 punched scalloped squares using a McGill punch, a green journaling tag and 2 bee stickers. In my grand daughters book, I just made a big happy face on the yellow circle, and then around the edge of the circle I wrote mulitple times, "I am so Happy".

This page is again made like the front cover, to keep the watermelon theme throughout the book. I added 3 squares for pictures, punched again from a McGill punch, I added a sun sticker, and bee sticker, the background paper is Christmas Presents border cardstock, and the top corner is Cindy Lou dot cardstock. Again I added the black tear drops for the watermelon seeds. I used Christmas paper on some of the page of this book because simply, a watermelon is red and green. It just worked out so cute.

Here is the finished book. I bound it with 2 silver rings, and tied to the rings are red ribbon.
This book is offered as a kit on our website- Watermelon Mini Book. You can make your own or you can simply just order the kit. It has more pages than I have shown here in the blog.

I have to say, I LOVE mini books. I love to create them in lots of different shapes. You will see more books as the year goes on. It is one of my passions with scrapbooking paper, and I can create fun memories about a trip, an activity, or just journal my feelings on these fun books. Have a happy summer for sure. Tell me what you think of my watermelon book! I love to read your comments!





Daniella said...

Beautiful book and a wonderful story!

Daniella said...
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Tonya said...

What a fun summer mini album for your grand daughter to document her feels and add photos. Awesome story and job too!!! <3

Lastochka said...

Love your stories about every project)) and awesome fruit album!

Penny Lee said...

I love anything sentimental and this ticks all my boxes....what an amazing idea! Love it!

Bev said...

that is amazing and so cool.. great project with lots of fun colouring in the pages

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