Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I "Love" America Mini Book

Hello Everyone,

There is nothing more exciting to me than to see patriotism.  We have 3 sons, and all three are soldiers in the American Army.   These sons could not make a mother more proud.  I am in awe at their service to thier country.
Between our three sons we have been through 6 deployments.  I can honestly say we put our Trust in God to watch over them and bring them safely home.

I also love thier wives, the support they give to them, and how well they take care of thier children at home so our sons don't worry about the home front.  It is hard for a husband soldier to be gone 1 year to 18 months at a time, and the mom home with the kids keeping the homefront safe and peaceful for thier children.  What an honor for me to have these sons and thier wives in our family.  I love each and every one of them.

I created this book about America.  How much I love my country.  What a great week of posts we have each touching the love we all have for America.  How lucky we are for sure to live in such a wonderful place.  Our freedom, and our livelihood.  We are so, so very lucky. 

I created this book using circles, stars, and tag shapes. The circles are created by using a dinner and salad plate. Each one just drawn on the cardstock and then cut out. So simple, and the tag, cut from an Accut die we have in the warehouse.

Page one is the traced dessert plate, and a large star glued together, it is above the first picture on this post.  It is the cover of the book.  I also wrapped the star/circle with glittered narrow ribbon from May Arts.  This is a technique I saw in Germany on all the flower arrangements, only they used a very fine curly wire.  Wish I can find that curly wire here.  I used silver and red.  Then the "I" is a die cut covered with light blue dew drops.  The red glitter heart is die cut from our glitter chipboard.  And our America comes glittered already printed.  Love those glitter words, so easy to use for sure.  I have used the glitter blue and silver fireworks through out the book, along with glitter blue and red stars, and trio stars.  These come with white around the edge of them, and I trimmed the white edge off.

Page 2 is a tag.  I so love using different shapes in a book to create an uncoventional look.  I added a journaling cut out shape and Lady Liberty to the page so that writing about America or my sons would be easy.  Embellishments are again stars, and fireworks.

 Page 3 is another star.  I used the back of one of the America papers along with a glitter word, fireworks and stars, and journaling tag.

Page 4 is a tag with blue burlap, USA glitter word, stars, fireworks, journaling tag, and a sticker from our USA sticker sheet.

Page 5 is the size of a dinner plate 8", so the book is an 8x8 round book.  Again I used America line of paper, glitter fireworks, and a sticker from the USA sticker sheet.
 Page 6 is the American flag paper, with glitter words, glitter trio stars and blue glitter chipboard tags die cut from a spellbinders die, and the flag is from the USA sticker sheet.  Each of these pages can also be used on the back and embellished.  I have only shown you the front side of each page.

The completed book is fabulous!  It is held together with a blue ring purchased from Staples and a blue bow.  Perfect to journal all my feelings about America and add photos, wallet size to customize the project just for me.  You can add what ever extra you want too. 

A great extra addition would be stars made from diamond drops.  They will be shown on my July 4th post.

Again,  love, love, love America.  Who we are, and who we continue to be.

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Connie-CraftNCreate said...

This is so awesome! I love all the different shapes that fit together so well. Magnificent. Thanks for the inspiration.

Tonya said...

Love the patriotic theme of the mini and I'm so thankful for men like your sons that serve in the armed forces to protect this country of our!

Daniella said...

God Bless you and your brave sons! This is a beautiful book, full of delight! Perfect for anyone who loves this country!!

Bev said...

fabulous colours and great design

Tara O'Crowley said...

Love this book!!!

Lastochka said...

It is very patriotic and great colour mix - red and blue! Love it!

Lolô Artesanato said...

Amazing! Love it!

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