Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My Dad

Hello Robin's Nest Readers

I have been working on a 8.5x11 Album
about my dad.

My mom died a little over a year ago, 
and over the last year my sisters, dad, and I have
been cleaning out lots of things
from their home.

Dad has been taking all the photos
and scanning them into his computer.
I have been waiting for him to get most of them
scanned, which he has now done,
and the sorting began going through
all the photos of 84 years of life and family.
Each of my siblings received a little box
full of photos that had them in it.

I asked dad if I could take his and mom's photos
home with me and make some scrapbook albums
about them.  
Of course, he said yes.

Years ago, mom made a book about herself
while she was young growing up in Germany.
She stopped in her book about the time she
came to the United States, so after
that all pictures have been in the old sticky
albums used years ago for photo storage.
She was pretty faithful in getting all the
photos in those binders.

What a chore to take them apart.  
I even used a hair dryer to heat up the 
glue on the back and pull the photos off without
harming them.

So here are a few pages of my dad.

More will follow this month,
with these very old and precious to our family,

I have kept the book fairly simple.
Each page only has a few photos, 
and I have tried not to put anything on the
photo itself.

Here is dad before he joined the
Air Force in the 40's.

I used the Men's Plaid CS

Here is a very precious photo,
as there are about only 8 photos of with my
dad in them for all of his years up to 10.
And not very many more of him through to the age of 20.
Here he is with 2 of this brothers, 
dad is in the middle,
he is one of 11 children in his family.

I used Red and Green plaid (back side)
Bright Green Mini Dew Drops.
Everything else is retired Robin's Nest

My dad was basically kicked out of High School
for being wild.  He had his own
Motorcycle, and until I did these photos,
I didn't even know there was a photo
of him and his cycle.  It is pretty cool.
I took the original photo and scanned it in and
printed out a close up of him on his
motorcycle.  It isn't clear at all
 but it does give us the jest of what that famous
motorcycle looked like.

I used
Glitter Wind Flame CS
Flame Sticker
Men's Plaid
Black 6mm Dew Drops.

Well this is all for today.

I have not journaled on these pages
only dated them.  Dad has written a story
about himself that he printed out 
for me and I have inserted pages of his story
along with the pages I have created for his book.

There are many pages that I have left him a
section to journal in about himself.
I have also added a few notes of things that I have 
observed in the photos, so he can tell about them
to the family.
(He had a broken arm in the picture of him holding me
as a 3 month old baby, how did he break his arm?)

Have a great day.

Robin's Nest papers have been great to
work with on old pictures, I have been very
excited to use them with 
black and white photos.




Tonya said...

That is a great story about your parents. My dad has very few photos of when he was growing up too. I need to get my mom's box of photos out and scrapbook them for her before the stories behind those photos are lost.

Cely said...

handsome dad!

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Love, Love, Love this! Maybe you should start writing your stories down for me too :)

Heather Thompson said...

your dad was a wild child!!! what a great family heirloom. Love how you have captured the memories. Very touching!

Lastochka said...

Great story! very interesting to read!

Lee Brehon said...

This is the "heart" of a scrapbooker, what a lovely reminder of/for your family. Great effort by your dad and you, I'm sure your siblings will be very happy to have these photos as well.

Bev said...

amazing memories.. greatest photos. love these pages

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