Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Robin here,

All of us at some time in our lives as 
need to be reminded of how cute our kids
were at one time.

I had a picture of my 5 older kids framed in my
bathroom for years.  They were all dressed in Navy Blue
Sailor suits and dresses.
It is one of my favorite pictures of the kids together.
Each morning when I went into the
bathroom and got ready for the day, I would look
at how cute they all were and smile.
Always brought a smile to my day.

Rachel is my only daughter right now who
is a mother. Years ago
she gave me a binder and a folder of pictures
for me to scrapbook for her.
On the front of the folder it said
"don't forget these pictures belong to Rachel"

I just found that folder about 3 months ago when I was cleaning out
some boxes, trying to get rid of stuff I no longer needed.
So, I scrapbooked the pictures, and sent them
back to her last month.
I also found a group of black and white pictures
I took of Chelsea at Easter time in this folder.
She was so cute then, and at the time
she was our only grandchild,
so we have a special bond because of this.

I took those black and white photos
of Chelsea and decided to make a mini book for 
Rachel as a Mother's Day gift.
This is her reminder of how cute Chelsea
was as a little girl, and to remind
her and me of all that extra love we shared with her.

Chelsea Book Cover

The theme of the book is all in peach,
even though I know Rachel would prefer a different
color, I loved how the pictures look,
the black and white with the peach.
Robin's Nest papers/printed cardstock look
awesome with  black and white photos.

Here are some photos of the
cover page of the book, instead of scans.
You can see the dimensions of the layers on
 the cover of the book.

Here you can see the different
layers of the floral picture from Ecstacy Crafts.
I just cut each layer of rectangles and
glued them on top of
each other, the top layer I used pop dots.
I also used one of the photos of Chelsea
and cut it out as part of the book cover embellishments.

You can see here there are lots of little stickers
and layers of little embellishments I just kept adding
onto the book cover until I liked it and it felt complete.

I always lately need to find a place
to add a book page cut out.
These come from actual paper back books.
I cut them with a spellbinders butterfly die,
and distress it with ink.
I have found that it is cheapest to buy a
paper back book at the dollar store, second hand stores
are around $2.50 or more,
or get a free book from a friend.

Here I have used Glitter Discovery Girl CS
on the cover of the book.
I also used a flower dimensional layered motif
from Ecstacy Crafts, and a bird from Altered Pages
both partners in past months.
I used the bunny strip from our Easter border CS,
and various cut outs from the back side of 
the Glitter Discovery Girl,
and of course nothing is complete
without dew drops.
All other embellishments are from my 
scrapbook stash.

This is just a simple page of pictures on 
a cream cardstock and embellishments
and mini dew drops.

Again I have used the Glitter Discovery Girl CS,
Page shapes are cut from Accut dies, 
and you can buy the blank chipboard book from our website, 
already cut out into these cute pages on chipboard.

You can see here the layers of flowers,
dew drops, and stickers, and ribbon.

Glitter Discovery Girl CS on one side
and on the other side is Creame Foil Stamped CS
now retired.  I used a cute border bunch
to create my edges with  a creame
cardstock. I also used the Gerber Daisy
stickers from the Glitter Teen Girl sticker.
Purple and peach mini dew drops are added to the page.

Glitter Discovery Girl CS,
and Peach mini dew drops.
I had some really old Beatrice Potter stickers
that I decided to use on this book.
It just seemed to fit, and I so love  Beatrice Potter.
At the top of this layout page is a
scalloped sticker and on each scallop
is a dew drop.  It looks so cute in real life, it was
hard to capture in a scan or even a photo.
These photos also reminded me as I looked
at them of the cute Berkenstocks that Chelsea
always wore.  I was so sad when she grew out 
of them.

This is an insert mini page that 
is in between the two pages above.
I have left all the journaling for Rachel to do,
She can tell about all her fond memories of Chelsea
at this cute age.

When I was first learning how to tint black and
white photos, I think the picture on the right was my first
try at it.  It isn't the best tint job out there,
but it was my first attempt at it.
I so love those cute tulips in her hands,
her knuckles aren't even showing yet, 
just the cute dimples in her hands.

I have a darling picture of me as a little 
girl holding a chocolate bunny up away from 
my face with both hands.
I wanted to create something similar to
that picture when I took this pic.
Chelsea was always so photogenic as a child
I had so much fun taking pictures of her.

Again I have used the
Glitter Discovery Girl CS.
and Dew Drops.

The Book pages are so cute layered
on top of each other at the edge.  I so love
how this turned out.

All other products you see in this cute
book come from years of collecting stickers,
flowers and embellishments.
They just come from my stash.

You can purchase these
Robin's Nest products I used 
on our website

Well for now, here is my book
creation this month.
I try to get a book done a month
but am not always successful at it.  It
just depends if we have been on
a Humanitarian Trip or not during the 
month.  This month we will
be traveling to our 
son in Colorado, and to help
Dana's Sister and her hubby who
was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in October.
And one weekend for
Humanitarian Work.
So maybe I will have a book in June,
we will have to see how my creative
juices are  when
we get back!

I look forward to your comments.

Happy Mother's Day Rachel
I hope you like your book!




Tonya said...

Gorgeous mini!!! I'm sure Rachel will cherish it. <3

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Ohh, so sweet mother! Chelsea looks adorable! The book is awesome too :) thanks!

Lolô Artesanato said...

OMG, I'm in love with this mini

Bev said...

so fabulous, stunning and beautiful.. amazing details and lovely album

Robin O'Crowley said...


Cely said...

love all the gold dew drops! so cute!

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