Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Princess Mini Book Cover

3 Little Princess'

Hi all!

So I have had this idea for a long time that I wanted to create
an incredible

I have been working on this book
on and off for several weeks.
I have been saving a stash of embellishments
that I have been saving for a few
years just for this "dream" book that
I wanted to create, plus
I had to wait for a photo shoot with
my granddaughters to have all the things
I needed to create this book.
So now is the time to be creative! 

Today I will share with you just the cover of the book.

I used a mini book shape 5 1/2 x 11.
You can purchase these chipboard shapes
from our website as a 6 page book.

I saved these 3 chipboard crowns from Want 2 Scrap
I covered each crown in a different color of glitter chipboard.
Silver, Pink, and Gold.

I then embellished each crown differently with dew
drops, tear drops, and diamond drops.
I used gold, silver, clear, and pink.
I also used both 6mm and 4 mm dew drops.
I love "The Best Glue Ever"
to adhere these to the glitter chipboard.
They stay on awesome with this glue.

I thought it would be fun for you to see my
scrapbook table when I am creating.
it is always a complete mess of piles of
papers, ribbons, and embellishments, so I
can see what I have at my fingertips.
It however, is rarely beautiful at this point.
but somehow, creativity fills my mind, and
I am able to come up with some fun creations
in this room, on my long table.
It often reminds me of the song from
the very old Cinderella movie/play
from my childhood.
"In my own little corner,
in my own little chair,"

 (workings on my scrapbook desk)

I covered the book from the 
Princess Collection on our website
I used the Glitter Princess Crown Cardstock to Cover
the chipboard book shape. The chipboard shape is
cut from our colored chipboard, I used pink then
covered it in the Glitter Princess Crown Cardstock.

I then went through my embellishment stash and
started layering and layering and layering!

I wanted this book to have lots of dimension.
I found star wands at the dollar store and added a few
crystals to the center of the stars. {Connies Crystals}
It took me a few different glues to make them stay
on the wands, and the best glue was 
"The best glue ever"  to make everything
stay on the cover of this book.

I have been saving these 3 chipboard crowns from "Want 2 Scrap".
I covered each crown with glitter chipboard
Pink, Gold,and Silver.
Then I embellished each crown with different
dew drops, tear drops, or diamond drops.
I used:
Silver dew drops
Pearl diamond drops
Clear tear drops
Gold mini dew drops
Clear diamond drops
I also used "The Best Glue Ever" to adhere these.
I then used pop dots to bring the crowns up from the
Glitter Princess Crown Paper from The Robin's Nest

Then I just started adding some of my embellishments I have stashed 
just for this book. Connies Crystals in purple attached with a purple pin.
Pink and white Timeless Twine
Glitter Princess in Training title from The Robin's Nest
Glitter Brown Chipboard Heart from The Robin's Nest
On the top of the book is a sticker in the shape of a Horn
with a pink flag hanging from it.
This is on the glitter princess sticker,
you will see more from this sticker next week as we go 
through the pages of the book.

Well, Until next week!

I so love how this book is looking!
Whew, such a lot of work in just a few days!

I will share with you the inside of the book
next Wednesday.  I am so excited to share it with you!




Heather Thompson said...

Robin, that is so awesome, My daughter would love something like that. She's a huge princess. Very beautiful creation!!

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

So so cute! The girls will love it! I think that the jeweled crowns are awesome!

Bev said...

OMG fabulous creation.. amazing colour, details and accents

Robin O'Crowley said...


steph said...

This is lovely, great details.

Marília Lopes said...

Love the table and a lot new drops...yummy

Tonya said...

Love the princess mini and the crowns are simply adorable!!! <3

Cely said...

those crowns are so adorble. love them!

Michelle Frae Cummings said...

I love all the glittery details of this book. Great job!

Lee Brehon said...

This is great, anyone would love to receive this. In fact you could send it my way. LOL

Lolô Artesanato said...

I really love it!
great job!

Paula Jennings said...

what fun! so pretty! Hope I will have granddaughters one of these days as I only have sons so no girly pages for me yet.

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