Wednesday, April 2, 2014

More Ocean, and More Ocean!

Oh, how I want to be right there
at the ocean!

I hope you are not tired of ocean pictures.
I am just so in the mood to lay on the beach
pull out my book, and relax and read.
Maybe even get a tan!

Here is Rachel at the beach in Galviston, Texas.
I told her that it would be fun for you to see her on days off.
We usually only know each other in work situations,
and to see us on the light side is really fun.  
It's fun for me to see her relax too.

Robin's Nest Products:
Glitter Seashore CS (both sides) and a personal fav
Beach Sticker
Seashore Clippies

I had so much fun taking these photos of Rachel and Cortney.
I  love to see our kids having fun,
and this is one of those moments.

Robin's Nest Products:
Blue Raspberry Glitter Sorbet CS
Water Sticker
Glitter Water Swirl CS (both sides)
Spa sticker
Teal and blue tear drops
Glitter Spa Enjoy Mixed

And probably my most favorite page of all time.
Jes and her friend Lindsey are looking at the ocean from the 
infinity pool. It is an amazing photo.
I love how I could match the sky and ocean with the Blue Raspberry Sorbet CS
and pool with the coral CS Back side.
It gives you the feel
that you are right there with me taking the photo
and the ocean is right out there.

Robin's Nest Products:
Blue Raspberry Glitter Sorbet CS
Coral CS (back side)
Beach Sticker
Glitter Spa Enjoy Mixed CS
Water Dew Drops
Mini Star fish
Sea Shells
Glitter Spa Swirl CS (Rosette)
Glitter Water Swirl CS (Rosette)

Hoping for less snow around here,
these page layouts always make me feel better
even warmer by just enjoying,
Hope they do this for you too!




Tonya said...

The layouts are just stunning and get me longing for my upcoming trip to the beach. Awesome job!!!

Heather Thompson said...

very fun layouts, love the pictures

Linsey said...

Wowwww!!! Absolutely breathtaking LOs!!! That infinity pool page is incredible--so realistic, sets the mood and takes the viewer there--magical. :)Awesome creations, thanks so much for your wonderful inspiration!!!!

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Ohhhh! I love these layouts! :)

Robin O'Crowley said...

Thanks! Rachel you like it because one day they will be yours! ;)

Bev said...

amazing water pages.. great use of many photos

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