Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fishing in the Ocean Deep

Cortney loves to go fishing
when he goes to Cabo San Lucas.

Cortney is Rachel's other half.

Dana loves to come along even though
the ocean makes him very sea sick.
He takes lots of dramamine before he gets on the ship.

Out on in the ocean,
as the ship rocks and rocks,
there really are fish in all of that water below,
though Dana sometimes wonders if it is worth it.
The first year Cortney went on a fishing trip here
he caught a marlin.
It is now mounted on the wall in their home.
This time Jes and Cortney caught tuna.
It really was a fun day for them
out on the ocean.

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Jess with her fish.
And the morning sun rising as they went out to sea.

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On a lighter note,
we rented little scooters to get around town.
I'm not a good scooter driver,
in fact while we were there it was the second time
I had even driven a scooter.
So here is my tire mark on the cement wall
where I crashed!

Ha Ha, we all do something dumb,
this is one of mine.

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Until next week!



Tonya said...

Awesome layouts!!! What a fun time you had on your fishing trip. Makes me long for my trip to the beach which is in a couple of weeks. :-)

Lastochka said...

These layoutes very cool and special! and the paper really for a the good rest))

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Nice layouts! Every one looks like they are having so much fun!!

Bev said...

fabulous pages... great colourings and fun accents

MarĂ­lia Lopes said...

Gorgeous layouts!!!

Michelle Frae Cummings said...

Love these layouts because they have lots of photos, the more the merrier!

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