Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ally's Folder Book

I saw this idea
many, many years ago,
and then forgot about it.

So when I came across the idea again,
I thought, wow, how cute.
I need to share it on the blog.

This cute book is created with a folder 
you can purchase at school time, during
all the school sales.

Here are pictures of the school folder
open with papers in it and closed above.  They
are very cheap in August when the
school sales are on.

It has pockets in the folder for school papers,
but when you fold it in half, 
you get 4 quarter sides to work with
and each side has a pocket.

This little mini book I created for
my grand daughter Ally.
She had just completed an enormous 
series of projects for
her Young Woman Medallion,
and this was my gift to her for completing
all the requirements.

I covered the front of the book with
Glitter Spring stripe CS,
I added her name from letter stickers from 
the dollar store.

I also glued a wide pink ribbon
underneath the Spring Stripe CS
to create a ribbon tie on the edge of the
opening of the book, 
and to just make it look cute.

The top of the cover of the book has a 
sun sticker from the Butterfly Glitter Sticker sheet.
I then added orange tear drops to the sun, 
and a round glitter circle cut from our
Glitter yellow chipboard.
This sticker sheet also has the row of flowers that are down
the edge of the book.
I also added a few butterflies from this 
same sticker sheet.

You can see here as you fold the
pocket folder in half, it creates 4 pages inside
each with its own pocket.

Each quarter of the inside of the book is covered in 
a different paper, and I added
stickers and tags to each pocket.
I also created a pocket on top of 
the pocket for and extra tag.

Robin's Nest Products I used:
Summer Sticker
Glitter Spring Stripe
Girl Stripe
Bunny Stripe
Princess Words
Butterfly Glitter Sticker

Here is the first 2 pages with pockets.

Here are the second 2 pages with pockets.

On this pocket I decided to add
places for Ally to write about things
that are going on in her life right now.
So I cut out a sheet of Glitter Green Journaling tags
for her to write her feelings on.
These tags fit inside the pocket of
the original folder.
It was so easy and so fast.

I added a few pics of Ally, 
and just a few bee's and butterflies from the 
one sticker sheet.
And a finished little mini book for Ally.

Here again is the cover of the book.

You can find these stickers, 
printed cardstock papers, 
tear drops, and journaling tags on our 

Such a good job deserves a cute gift from Grandma.

Love you Ally!




Heather Thompson said...

that is just so cute, I have some extra folders laying around, very neat, going to have to try that.

Tonya said...

Wowzers! I'll never look at one of those school folders the same way. Love this idea and can't wait to try it out. Awesome job!!! <3

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Very cute idea! Love the colors too :)

Anonymous said...

pretty nice blog, following :)

LolĂ´ Artesanato said...

This is a lovely project
Great job

Bev said...

super cute.. great way to save memories in smaller projects.. love it

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