Sunday, February 16, 2014

Stompin at the Savoy Altered Cigar Box

Hi guys! Aimée again with February's altered cigar box art using the Regency Collection and stamps from Heartfelt Creations. Don't forget, for the month of February you can get the Regency products right here and receive 20% off those products.

Let's get started! This collection was perfect for a vintage, romantic look on my cigar box. I had saved a card from a friend I got a few years ago that was the inspiration for this piece.


This is one of my favorite vintage photos that I have and it was finally time to use her in a piece. You can see I traced an oval on her. I did that to make sure she fit in the frame she was going to be in.

I glued her to the red frame using the Quick Dry Tacky glue shown here.

Add some gel matte medium to the cover of the cigar box to adhere the sewing pattern paper.

Cover the whole cover, overlay pieces.

Next I cut strips off of the Baroque Specialty Paper to adhere to the top and sides of the cigar box. These were almost perfectly sized for the cigar box I used. :) 

cut strips

adhere with the gel matte medium on top and bottom of the paper. let it dry.

next create a plain paper template of the inside of the cigar box and cut out this fleur de lis paper to the correct size.

Using that same paper template cut the Gold Classic Swirl paper for the inside cover piece.

Using the doilies from Gina's Designs last month I sprayed it with a golden shimmer from Heidi Swapp's Color Shine series.

These beautiful stamps from Heartfelt Creations were perfect for this project. I loved using them, nice fine details for the cover.

I used black StazOn ink with them.

Stamp all over the top of the box once the glue has dried from the sewing pattern paper.

The inspiration for the piece. I adhered it to the Vanilla Fleur paper to frame it better.

next I added some extra bling with some gold flaking and gel matte medium all over the cigar box in random spots.

I added some glitter around the Savoy card. Sorry for the double water mark, not sure what happened there.

I created this flower embellishment using the other 2 papers in the series. The Gold Glitter Paisley Cardstock & the Red Lion Cardstock.  This is a punch from EK tools.

May seem like I'm jumping around in these photos but I was doing it as things dried. That doily I sprayed I adhered to a white doily then glued it to the top of the cigar box using Tacky Glue.


Now it's time to embellish the frame with a jewelry pendant using E6000 glue.


Glue the frame to the top of the box using the E6000 glue. I then added black and gold glitter stars with some tacky glue in the 4 corners and top and bottom of the box.

Glue down the paper flower as well. I used E6000.

Gold star on top

Next I added foam adhesive tabs to the back of the Savoy card and glued them to the inside of the box.

On the inside cover add a bit of black lacy washi tape alone the inside edge as well as a pearl scrapbooking embellishment over the top of the gold paper.

Next I glued a vintage alphabet block to the bottom of the inside of the box using E6000 glue.

Add in a vintage pair of spectacles and you have a vintage shadow box with a definite regal feel.

The inside spread!

All together now!

I hope you enjoyed this piece! I had a blast making it! Be sure to keep an eye out on all the great designs this month from the design team! Thanks for reading!


Robin O'Crowley said...

Very cute, love all your photos! Great project.

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

I love this!! Great job!! The photo makes the whole box come together.

Terri Sproul said...

GREAT job..

Tonya said...

Awesome job!!! Love how you altered the cigar box!!!

Betsy Skagen said...

Absolutely beautiful again. One question though. How do you manage to make your E6000 look like that. Mine always looks like it has been stomped on, run through the garbage disposal and stuck to my dog's fur. Haha. Half the time I have to use a pliers to get it open because it has glued shut. - Betsy at

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