Thursday, February 20, 2014

Regency Royal Card Set

 Michelle here with a couple of cards made from the Regency Collection which is 20% off this month! I wanted to create something easy and classic enough that I can use for any occasion.

Supplies used:
Gold Glitter Paisley
Red Lion Cardstock
Regency Stickers
Black Mini Dew Drops
Goldsberry Dew Drops
Ornate Gateway Die by Heartfelt Creations

 Tombo adhesive, white cardstock, paper piercer, precision scissors,paper trimmer, gold leafing pen, gold washi tape, foam tape.
Sizzix machine. all purpose platform, 2 cutting plates,  1 8"x11" cardstock- folded in half.

 Place your platform in your sizzix, all flaps closed. Place the ornate die face up on the platform. Add your paper, then 2 cutting plates and your folded cardstock. The cardstock acts as a shim, making the final pressure you need for any thin dies like Heartfelt Creations. Run through your machine.

Pull the die out of your machine and carefully peirce each hole on the back with a paper piercer. Then slowly pull off the cut design from the die. On the right (above photos) I used the back side of the Gold Glitter Paisly and created both a positive and negative from the die to be used in this card.
With my paper trimmer I cut the Gold Glitter Paisley to be 5 ¾ x 4 ¼.
Next I trimmed the back side of  Red Lion Cardstock to be 3 ¾ x 5 ¼
I bent the card slightly so I could find the center for the gold washi tape. Before gluing the two pieces together, I rimmed the top card with a gold leafing pen.

 I glued the positive and negative die cuts in place and left to set while I worked on the next step.
 From the Regency Sticker set, I placed the lion sticker on some scrap cardstock and trimmed out. Then I added tombo glue to the outer edge of the sticker and placed some Goldsberry dew drops.
Next I added foam tape to the back of the lion and placed in the center of the card.
Lastly I added a few mini black dew drops to all four corners.
 Here is another variation.

Thanks for coming by!
-Michelle Frae Cummings


The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

I love these cards!! Great job!! The dew drops are perfect frame...

Tonya said...

So elegant!!! Love!!!

Robin O'Crowley said...

Fabulous! Your cards are so adorable, your talent Michelle is so awesome, thank you for continuing to be on our team!

Dawn Barrett said...

Oooh.... amazingly rich

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