Sunday, February 2, 2014

Altered Box with Regency Collection!

Good Morning Ya'll! Jessica Kephart here from

I'm really excited to share this Design on Dime idea with you all! At Christmas I'm sure we all got gifts in Boxes and thrown them away once we pulled the products out. This year, I saved a few of mine to turn them into family Photo Boxes! This Photo Box turned out so elegant with the Regency Collection you will want to display it in your home for sure! I love decorative boxes on bookshelves, mantels, end tables, anywhere really! And giving it a purpose other than just being pretty makes this project dynamite! 

Click Here to Purchase!!

I got one of my favorite perfumes this Christmas, the Marc Jacobs Daisy Collection and saved the box. And here is the Finished product! Don't you just love it! It is so elegant!

The Robin's Nest partnered with Heartfelt Creations this month and this is where the amazing Die came from that is framing the Photo! 

CD 737 - Ornate Gateway Die

I just LOVED the Dew Drops that came with this Collection! You can find those on the link below! 

So what do you think!?! How would you use a box like this? I'd love to hear from you!

 photo HomespunEleganceSignature7_zps96c24c19.png


The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

I love the box! Very elegant! I think I would use it for a jewelry box.... :)

Jessica Kephart said...

Thank you!! You could easily convert this into a jewelry box too!! Great Idea!


Jessica Kephart

LolĂ´ Artesanato said...

Beautiful dear

Tasha said...

Beautiful! Love this idea.

Jean Bullock said...

Great job! I hate throwing out pretty boxes. This is a good way to re-use them.

Camille Short said...

Love this!

Tonya said...


Lizzie said...

This is lovely!

Cely said...

you definitely jazzed up that box!

Bev said...

beautiful project... stunning combo

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