Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Winter Wonderland Mini Book Pages

Are you ready to see the inside of the
Winter Wonderland Book?

I can't wait to share.
The pictures in this book come from our Alaska Trip
last year in November for Thanksgiving.
Our son Josh and his wife Robyn
with their 3 kids live in Wasilla.

All pages are cut to 8x8 size.
I also used the extra 4" that were cut off later in the post.

This paper comes from the 
Christmas Collection (North Pole)
White Classic glitter swirl
Black glitter letters
Brown glitter rope CS
Black and White Glitter Pine Tree
Snow Fun Rub on
Instead of rubbing this rub on "on" to the paper, 
I just cut around the shape, not exact, and laid it on the paper
This way, the rub on is perfect, no cracks, nor is it hard to get on the  page
and it looks wonderful, I did this with the snowflakes also.
The brown rectangle swirl frames are from the back of our large size rub ons.
The white tag is from Bella Creationz
one of our partners this year.

This is Ally, Gabe and Lucas in the pictures here.
Every grandmother has to share!

I so love the mountains here in Alaska!  
The kids call it Mordor,
it is so fun to be here and experience the feel of
all these majestic mountains.

Robin's Nest Products
I used the Russian Winter Collection
Glitter Winter Snow Trees CS
Glitter Chipboard Snowflakes
Winter Sticker/ tag kit
White and pearl dew drops.

From our Partners,
 Gina's Designs (doily)
Timeless Twine

I love this layout,
just simple white, black, and silver.

Robin's Nest Products:
Glitter White Snow CS
Classified CS
Silver Glitter Chipboard
Black Glitter Letters
Crimson Sticker

From our partners:
Gina's Designs (Doily)
Ecstasy Crafts (Iridescent snowflake stickers)

 On Thanksgiving day we traveled for a few hours
to see this beautiful glacier and mountains
while dinner was in the oven cooking.
Just the 5 of us went, Gabe had broke his arm the day
before so he and Robyn stayed home.
The river was close to the road most of the 
trip through this Alaska road, full of frozen water
and ice everywhere.
Such a beautiful morning and ride.

Robin's Nest Products
Glitter Pinetrees (Calgary Stampede)
Snow Cut out sheet
The title sheet at the top of the page was from 
a group swap Rachel participated in last year.  They did a great job.
I also used the 4" cut from the 12x12 to create a insert 
page between the 8x8 sheets.
This is where I have journaled also on the page layout.
The insert is to the right side of the page layout.
I also used Timeless Twine on these pages.

Again I have used the RN Black and White Glitter Pine trees CS
I so love the feel of this paper,
especially when your pictures are full of snow and ice.
 I also again used the 4" cut off section from the
12x12 sheet for the insert between these pages.
On the top of the insert page is a pocket made from  the
Glitter Snow Covered trees CS
Crimson Sticker
Glitter White Chipboard
White and Pearl dew drops
All from the Robin's Nest

Josh has a friend who owns a plane 
in Alaska, so we were able to see Alaska from the 
sky.  It was a bit intimidating for me to do this.
I never have been a fan of small planes, but take off
and landing was a breeze, he was an awesome pilot!
 Though this scared me some, the plane ride turned out to be one of the
highlights of the trip.

Robin's Nest Products
Glitter Vellum Snowflake (retired)
Dew drops

From our partners:
Ecstasy Crafts (iridescent snowflakes)
Gina's Designs (doily)

Just some photos from the plane trip on the left side of the
page, and on the right side a photo from our 
Thanksgiving day drive.
I am so surprised they turned out so good!
The windows weren't the best and they are so very small.
Title is from Rachel's group swap.

Robin's Nest Products
Glitter Winter Retreat Swirl CS

From our Partners
Timeless Twine

More photos from the air!

Robin's Nest Products
Russian Winter Collection
Glitter Snow Stripe CS
Winter Sticker

These are the inserts that I put in the book between the 2 pages 
above.  They are made from the 4" cut off from my 12x12 cs sheet.

Robin's Nest Products
Boy Dot/stripe CS
Glitter Winter Retreat Swirl
Winter Snowflake Sticker

From our Partners
Ecstasy Crafts (iridescent snowflakes)

You know you are in Alaska when in the middle of the
day it is this dark.
Lucas and Gabe are sledding, and really it is daytime!

I created my snowflakes from dew drops, tear drops, and diamond drops
One of my better and more creative things to make with
the various sizes and shapes of drops.

Robin's Nest Products 
Russian Winter Collection
Glitter Winter Snowflakes (both sides, front and back)
Snow fun Sticker (retired)
Pearl mini dew drops
Pearl diamond drops
White dew drop 6mm
White tear drops

I found this saying on pintrest,
and made my own to fit this book.
I will include this file free for you to print out at the end of the post.
I always wanted my kids to look this cute
in the winter, Red coat, and 
maybe some days they did.
This page is just for my shear pleasure,
and what makes winter fun for me.

Robin's Nest Products:
Christmas Collection (North Pole)
Glitter Snow Covered Trees CS
Snowflake Vellum Retired
Crimson Sticker

From our Partner
Ecstasy Crafts (iridescent snowflakes)

Last page!
We had been to Alaska twice before
this time and the only moose we had seen by then
were stuffed!  The second evening we were there
we had already gone to bed, in our
jammies, and Robyn comes knocking on the door
of the bed room and said "Mom, Dad!
you need to come right now!"
So we came down the stairs to the kitchen
sliding glass door, and there
she/he was. Out by the back porch.
So I ran and got the camera,
we needed pictures of this for sure!
Our Moose Sighting Kodak Moment

Robin's Nest Products:
Christmas Collection (North Pole)
Glitter Black/White Holly CS
Red Snowflakes CS
(I also made a rosette out of this cs)
Sled Clippie
Birch Tree Straws (coming soon from our Lodge 2014 collection)
I can't wait to show you this new collection!
I made my own titles and they will be free to  download at the end of this
post also.

From our Partners
Gina's Designs (doily)

So this is twelve "8x8" double page layouts 
all from my Winter Wonderland Mini Book

Hope you have enjoyed these ideas!
This was one of the most enjoyable books I have 
ever made.
Again the outside cover.
I might add:
because the cover is acrylic,
I used the Snow Covered Trees Cardstock
from the Robin's Nest North Pole Christmas Collection
It is in the first sheet protector, and has a few
snow embellishments the top of it.
This Snow Covered Trees Cardstock
shows through the acrylic cover.

I so love the overall look.

Enjoy the winter season!

You can find all these products on our website

Ciao and Lots of Hugs!



Tonya said...

Awesome layouts!!! Thanks for sharing your trip. It looks like you had a great time.

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Great job!! your pages are awesome!!

Michelle Frae Cummings said...

What a great trip! Looks like a lot of fun!

Cely said...

LOVE! so many great layouts!

Bev said...

amazing album.. each page as nice as the previous one.. great memories

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