Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sweet and Sassy Love

Yes the title is silly but I couldn't come up with anything else better than that. This is my first project on the Altered Art team and it came together pretty quickly! I hope you enjoy it. I am coming off of a long creative dry spell, I just moved over the holidays and had to get my studio set up quickly!

The paper used is from the kit this month "Wild About You". I used a Gina's Designs dress form element as well as the bustier chipboard that I glittered up!

I started with a piece of birch board that was purchased at Michael's and I used the awesome paint sample from Lowes ( I buy these all the time, at $2 something each they're great!) Paint the base of the board with a layer of paint, I chose aqua.

Next I used the paper doilies from Gina Designs as a stencil with the Heidi Swapp spray. I will be using the stencil again as well as in a piece. Nothing goes to waste with mixed media.

Next was time to layer down some papers with my Golden Gel Matte Medium, probably a favorite supply of mine. I used the Classic Roses paper as well as some sewing pattern paper on top of that. Glue down the the matte medium on the bottom as well as the top to give a nice coating.

Next was yet another layer establishing the background, I used the swirl stencil with more Heidi Swapp Color Shine Spray, it's subtle and shimmery.

Next is this fun little tool that I was introduced to by my amazing friend Lynn Whipple. This is in the sewing section and I don't know the official name for it but she dubbed it the "dot dot dot tool". That's what I call it. Roll it into some fluid acrylic paint and you can create some awesome movement on your piece. Notice the white dots in the background? All from this super fun tool. Go over your piece in fun patterns and different colors if you like!

Look how fun and layered it is getting!

While I was working on layering up the background my BFF painted the Gina's Designs bustier in fluorescent red and white trim for me. Now she is adding a layer of matte medium because we're going to add some diamond dust (glass particles) for glitter and shimmer.

Before the glue had totally dried and already a bit shimmery.

While she was working on that for me I flipped over the Classic Roses paper to use the stripes for the dress form. I traced the outline of the wooden piece to get my pattern, I then glued it to the dress form using the matte medium.

The 3 elements before assembled.

I then toned down the stripes with white acrylic and antiqued it all.

Next I glued the bustier and some Dew Drops onto the dress form using Tacky Glue. I also glued the dress form to the base using the same glue.

Next I used this sweet heart punch on the Black & White Animal Print Paper for even more layers.

I glued down the hearts using the Golden Gel Matte Medium on top and bottom for a good seal and used my fingers! :) Nothing like peeling glue off to remind you of your school days.

All while this is going on my BFF is working behind the scenes to antique this "Love" die cut that I will be gluing to that red heart in this photo.

Just dry brushing acrylic white paint onto the Gina Design's die cut.

I had a wooden heart and I traced the size onto the Red Glitter Paisley Paper and cut it out.

Next I glued it down with the matte medium.

Then I applied the same acrylic paint to my polka dot stamp using my fingers and stamped it onto the heart, it kind of has an antique look to it because I didn't apply the paint perfectly.

Then I glued down the love die cut to the heart piece.

Next came gluing the heart to the base, I found a skeleton heart key and have that dangling from behind the heart as well. Added in some vintage buttons and trying to find the proper placement in this image, then glued them down.

Last but not least I traced the paper hearts with a charcoal pencil and then smudged the lines with my fingertips. It gives added depth and dimension.

And here it is! Do you like it? Any questions feel free to ask! BTW the glue isn't dry in this photo but all that white goop will disappear when it does! Thanks for reading!

Aimée (Ah-may)


whyte said...

Love your altered art tute, Aimée, and love Lynn's idea with the tracing wheel!! In sewing they are used with a carbon-type tracing paper to mark lines to follow when stitching. I have one of those and can't wait to play with it now! This is a great project that's adaptable, thanks so much for sharing!

Tonya said...

Love all the little details in your altered piece! It is a feast for the eyes!!! <3

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Very cool! and your step-by-step is awesome! Fabulous Aimee!

Robin O'Crowley said...

So fun! I will need to buy me one of these tools. Thanks for sharing!

CreativeFlutter said...

Thanks guys! Pat thanks for the official name!! :)

Camille Short said...

Wow, amazing! You really rocked it!

Barbara Rankin said...

Beautiful project!

Michelle Frae Cummings said...

Gorgeous! I love all the details!

Bev said...

amazing details.. so elegant and great tutorial help

Betsy Skagen said...

Impressive. You detailed the steps so confidently.
Betsy at

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