Thursday, January 16, 2014

Romance and Love Card

 I am so in Love with this card. Everything about it says love and romance. Don't you agree?
I love how all the elements came together making one very special card.

 To make this card, you will need the following from the Wild About You collection, 20% off for all of January!....
Glitter Silver lips on Red Cardstock
Valentine Cardstock
Glitter Black Journaling tags
Glitter Red Letter Stickers
Silver Bells mini dews drops
Shimmer diamond dew drops
Doily's, chipboard banner and chandelier by Gina's Designs

 Other items to finish the card:
White and black acrylic paint, Black spritzer, Gold leafing pen, Damask design washi tape, Maroon velvet trim, Super fine gold glitter, glue adhesive )I use Tombo), foam tape, a  7.5" x 5.5" envelope and something to pick up the dew drops.

 Using your finger, paint your chipboard pieces. The reason you don't want to use a brush is that the detail of the chandelier is very delicate and could twist off.
As you lay them out the set, add a few sprinkles of the glitter onto the chipboard banner.
Cut your Valentine cardstock to 6"x8".  Fold in half to make a card.
Place your smaller of the two doilies onto some scrap paper. Spritz with the black ink.
The doily may buckle up, just press down on it with a tissue, dabbing excess ink as you work.
When both the doily and banner is dry, you now can start to assemble the card.
Place a strip of damask washi tape at the top of the card. Add a thin line of your glue and place the velvet trim.
Glue the larger of the two doilies onto the left side of the card. Add some foam tape and the black doily. Add the painted banner with your glue.
Carefully add the letters, LOVE.
Run the gold leafing pen along the outside of the card.
 So here we are painting the chandelier. Let it dry completely before adding the glue as shown.
When ready, the best way to add the glitter is...first sprinkle as much as you can onto the glue. Then use a dry paintbrush to 'sweep' up the excess and  turn over the chandelier to lightly press the glue exposed areas into the glitter. Keep doing this until all areas are coated.
Accent the chandelier with the mini dew drops.

 To make the bow, cut 2" of trim. Add a 1/2" line of glue in the center, set aside for glue to get 'tacky'. When ready, fold over the ends to meet in the middle. Press and hold for 10 seconds. To make the center part, cut 1" of trim and line it end to end with glue. After it is tacky, wrap it around the front of the bow, overlapping shut in the back. Adhere bow to top of chandelier.
Glue chandelier onto card, don't' worry if any hangs over, the over sized envelope will take care of that.
 Place your journal tag inside the card.
 Line the inside of the envelope with some extra Valentine cardstock.
 Cut out one of the glitter silver lips and place on the back of the envelope.

 Finished card measures 4"x6".
 Thanks for coming by, I hope you have enjoyed my creation!
-Michelle Frae Cummings


juscrap said...

Gorgeous!! This is perfect!

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

So fun! Great job Michelle!! I love the lips on the envelope too :)

Robin O'Crowley said...

I love romance, especially expressed in everyday life. This is very beautiful. You have done a beautiful job.

Tonya said...

Fabulous card Michelle!!!

Susan said...

Love it! Very nice layout!

Barbara Rankin said...


Bev said...

so elegant and beautiful.. great card

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