Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Let it Snow Wreath

Happy New Year!

Let it Snow
Let it Snow
Let it Snow

We have plenty of it here in Utah!

I decided to redo an old wreath
that I have had for a while.

Here is what it looked like originally.

When we were going through my moms 
Christmas boxes, I found the white leaves 
and a sign that says Let it Snow.

I also decided to used the Snowflake and Snowmen
Styrofoam ornaments
from our blog hop.

Here is my finished wreath.

On my back door,
snow and all!

Here are the snowmen,
wrapped in book page sheets
 and wool ribbon 
I bought in the 
Germany Christmas Markets.

I added the white leaf picks
the snowflakes, which I glittered
with white glitter, and 
White Classic Swirl glitter cardstock rosettes.

Close up on the Snowflakes.

Welcome to my home in this
very cold snowy January!




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