Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Chinese New Year Paper Fortune Cookies

Chinese New Year Paper Fortune Cookies

I love the traditions of Chinese New Year, and many other cultural New Years as well.  This year is the year of the wooden horse, which is perfect for me, since I am a work horse, hehe.

In honor of the upcoming Chinese New Year, I decided to create some Fortune Cookies. 

I started with the traditional Chinese colors: red and gold.  The Robin's Nest has a perfect cardstock for this: Classic Gold on Red Glitter Cardstock. (and anything glittered is perfect for a celebration).

1. Use a glass, or anything round, and a tracing utensil, I used a fine point Sharpie.
2. Trace as many round circles as you can onto the cardstock, then, using scissors,  cut the circles out.
3. Fold one of your paper circles in half.
4. Flick the center of the fold, then fold the opposite direction.

5. Place a glue dot in between the second fold, to keep together.
6. Print off Fortune Cookie sayings, I googled "Fortune Cookie Sayings" and found many images, I clicked on the pic, and printed them off of my home printer.
7. Slide the saying in the slot on the top of the paper cookie.
8. Finished! Repeat with the other round cut-outs.

This would be a fun idea for many other events too, birthday parties, Super Bowl (just do the colors of the teams), or just a way to send a cute message to someone.

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!


Bev said...

so cute and easy.. TFS

Tonya said...

Oh I love this idea!!!

Michelle Frae Cummings said...

so cute! I love these! thanks for a fun idea!

Lastochka said...

great idea! love fortune experements))

Robin O'Crowley said...

I want a great fortune, great idea

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