Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Chandelier

Christmas is just so special.
This year for 7 days of December
we had visitors
at our home!

They are gone now, and I am missing
the sounds of children playing,
little finger prints on everything, and
just the joy of having family close.

I just finished more of the ornaments
that we made for out blog hop.
I decided to put them on our 
dining room chandelier.

Here is the dining room.  It is small but cozy.
The dining room chairs have a
bow tied on each one of them with 
tasseled curtain wraps.
I have done this for so long, 
I can't remember how many years ago I started this.
Under the table is a throw rug from Ethiopia,
It is made from sheep hair (no wool there)
woven by hand on large looms.
Rachel brought this home with her when
she came to visit us there.  
I love this rug!

I love to decorate for Christmas,
I have done it for years, and decorating my
chandelier is one of my "things"
I just do.
This year was the change,  I took all the red
out of the decorations and went to
book page, black, white, and green.

First I wrapped the chandelier with a garland,
Then a book page wide ribbon, tying it in spots around
the garland so it would have a swag.
Then I added ornaments.
Glass gold and green ornaments were tied with white
ribbon on the bottom of each light.
Then I added the ornaments I made for the blog hop.
I had to make more ornaments this week to fill the chandelier.

These are some close ups of the ornaments hanging
on the chandelier.
I used:
Glitter Chipboard - gold and silver
Classic Glitter Swirl CS in white (made the medallions from this)
White tear drops
Silver dew drops
Black herringbone CS
Clock CS
Classified Sticker (small clock faces)
old paperback books

On the bottom of each of the bells,
I used a corsage pin and a black crystal 
from Connies Crystals,
one of our blog partners this year.

Each ornament is unique in its own way.
I also added some clock faces to some of them.

I'm really happy how this all turned out.
Our new look for Christmas,
at home with us.

Have a wonderful week.
I have some great ideas on my 
personal blog.
Come visit me.

Have a Very Merry
Christmas Season!



The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Very cute, it goes good in your dining room :)

Tonya said...

Love the idea of decorating your chandelier for Christmas. I'm going to store this idea away for next year. I have ordered a chandelier for my dining room and won't have it in time for this Christmas. Your ornaments are shabby Chic which I love!!! Simply elegant!!! <3

juscrap said...

Hi dear! Love this great idea!!! xoxo

Lyneen said...


Barbara Rankin said...

Wow, such a pretty decoration. I love how there is so much to look at and so festive.

Robin O'Crowley said...

Thanks so much

Bev said...

fabulous and so creative

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