Wednesday, October 30, 2013

All Year Card Organizer

Hello everyone.  I am excited to share today's project with you as it's been one of my most favorite crafts to date.  I have made several of these card organizers over the years, but this one featuring The Robin's Nest papers is the most fun and creative one I've made. 

Let's jump right in! You will need a 12x12 album and 14 page protectors. Each month will have a calendar page with dates to write in birthdays and other special occasions, and a card pocket page.  On the left side will be the calendar and on the right a slit cut in your page protector to hold your cards for all the things celebrated that month. This is a great way to keep up with all your loved ones Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc. I even made a page in the back to hold miscellaneous cards, for baby showers, congrats, get well, etc.  I personally keep one card per person in each month for the whole year, this way I am covered all year long, and I always know when I need to make more birthday cards.

As you can see above I cut a slit in one side of my page protector, 6 1/2 inches down from the top.  (After doing mine, I would say to go more like 7 inches down, this way you can see the cards in that months pocket)  Be very careful not to cut all the way through the page protector.  I place a piece of cardboard in my page protector then use my Fiskars paper trimmer to make the cut. Now in the pictures below I have taken the white decorated half sheets out of the pocket sides so you are able to see the full sheet of cardstock, but notice above how cute and finished it looks with it in there.  You can choose to do it either way.  
  Let's take a look at the months for my Card Organizer, and Cardstock used for each.....

January: I used the backside of Glitter Aquamarine & Glitter Blue Robin
March: Glitter Clover Border for both sides
May: Glitter Spring Stripe & Glitter Spring Flowers
July: Glitter Star Border & Glitter America Words

February: Classic Roses for both sides
April: Valentine Stripe (backside) & Glitter Cowboy Rope
June: Ivy Trim for both sides
August: Glitter Tangerine Sorbet & Peach Watercolor

September: Glitter Leaf for both sides
November: Glitter Autumn Leaf for both sides
Miscellaneous page: White Cardstock & Fleur Plum

October: Glitter Ghosts & Haunted House
December: Glitter Cindy Lou Dot & Cindy Lou Presents

I used my cricut a lot with this project to cut out all of the pieces for my calendars.  It was fun picking things that went along with the month when possible, I especially liked my shamrocks for March, since we are Irish and all :) April with the raindrops and May with the flowers, as the saying goes....April showers bring May flowers, but I think my most favorite would have to be my tombstones for October on the Glitter Ghost cardstock.  Love it!! Not sure how the family members with birthdays in this month will feel about their names on a tombstone though....

I hope you enjoyed this fun project as much as I enjoyed making it.  Here is just one more quick picture of the inside of my Card Organizer and the first page showing the pocket where you will place each card for that month. 

Hope this finds you all happy healthy and doing well.  Happy Halloween tomorrow!!
Happy Crafting!!


The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Super cute idea!! I love that you have a card for everyone! Great job Tara!

Robin O'Crowley said...

I love this book, when she showed it to me, I kept flipping through the pages, and thinking, I nerd this! It is a lot of work, but sooo worth the time. Thank goodness for the cricut, someday I will have one of these!

Tonya said...

LOVE the idea of having all your cards in one place for all birthdays. I have mine scattered all over the place. I need to make one of these for myself!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Ellen Jarvis said...

What a terrific idea! And so nicely done. Thank you for sharing.

Barbara Rankin said...

Fabulous card organizer, and what a wonderful, beautiful way to keep all your cards in one place. TFS such a great idea and project.

Michelle Frae Cummings said...

WOW! This is fantastic! Thanks for the inspiration!

Dawn Barrett said...

oh wow! what a great idea..and so needed here at my house!!

Camille Short said...

This is impressive!

Cely said...

this is soooo super cool!!!

Lastochka said...

Great work and lovely idea!

Bev said...

fabulous and creative project .. great idea

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