Friday, September 13, 2013

Boo! A Trio of Halloween cards!

 Hi Everyone!
Michelle here to teach you how to make these fun and festive Halloween cards!

 Materials needed:
From The Robins Nest -
Plum and Orange Fleur, Orange Glitter Grackle, Halloween and Abracadabra Dew Drops.
Green and Purple glittered chip board.

Bones Card stock,  Boo words,   Pumpkin Heads,  Glitter Spider Webs,  - 
All Halloween papers are %20 off for October!
-Card Stock base, stamped Halloween greeting, foam tape, adhesive, precision scissors, paper trimmer, scoring tool, Plastic cup about 3", Heavy paper weight, and fringe scissors.

Begin by cutting your card stock base to 5 ½" x 8 ½".
Score as shown on the black lines. Click photo for measurements.
Pick your desired (double sided) papers and trim to 4" x 5½".
On the back of the glittered chipboard,  trace your cup to as close as 3" as you can. Cut circle out. Then using the fringe scissors, cut around the outside of the glittered circle.

(Tip*- by trimming closer to the 'hinge' of the scissors will give you the twisted fringe you see here. If you cut near the tip, you will only get a straight, no movement fringe.)
 The best way to glue your paper to the front of the card, is to add glue to one flap, place the paper, trim off the excess and repeat the other side. This way you can mix up the designs as shown here.
To add the glitter circle, trace the bottom of the cup, or a 2" circle on to the left flap. Add some glue and place the circle.

Trace and cut a few 2" and 2 ½" circles from the Fleur paper or other double sided thin paper.
Place this on your scoring device. I used the track on my paper trimmer. Score a total of  16 pie shapes as shown. Fold in half ( the 2 ½" circle) on one of the score lines and cut out a sliver of paper with your precision scissors. 
 This will give you a entry point to work your magic!
Following the scored lines, cut the pie shapes, leaving 1/4" uncut around the circle as shown.
Decide what design you want for the star burst  and fold  the pie points out.
Add your adhesive as shown- around the rim and inside the pie points. Let adhesive set for a minute to get nice and tacky.
Place on your glittered circle, pressing firmly in place.  Repeat process with the 2" circle, but this time, before adding glue, trim the circle size just a tad.
Place inside the larger circle, pressing down for a few seconds and then place your paper weight on top to help set the sunburst while you work on the two remaining cards. 
 Trim your "Boo" words to size and place inside the sunburst with a double layer of foam tape.
Add your dew drops as desired and place your greeting inside. 

 Thanks for coming by, I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial!
- Michelle Frae Cummings


Clare D. said...

I LOVE this idea and that you layered them! I am so scraplifting this technique!

Dawn Barrett said...

Boootiful way to showcase cc robins nest and their papers

Dawn Barrett said...

Boootiful way to showcase cc robins nest and their papers

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

So cool!! Great tutorial too! Love it Michelle!

Camille Short said...

Great idea!

Tonya said...

Awesome job on the cards! Spooky cute!!!

juscrap said...

great job! Love it Michelle!

Barbara Rankin said...

Such a cute card. Love the details.

Robin O'Crowley said...

Love how you use both sides of your paper , all in one. Great job.

Bev said...

amazing techniques. and fabulous layers of fabulous colouring..

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