Friday, August 30, 2013

Rose Garden Card

 Hi Everyone!
      Michelle here to show you something pretty you can make for a card, gift bag or your "Art Journal" as I did here.  Materials needed:
Classified Card stock
White Classic Glittered Card stock
River Bed Tear Dew Drops
Red and green tissue paper- torn or cut into 1" x 6" strips.
Double stick tape, a pen, some scrap paper, and  Tombo glue - ( I use this because it goes on tacky and dries clear.)

Begin by choosing your base. Card, gift bag or a art journal page.
Tear with your fingers some Classified and glue to your base. Then tear some of the glittered paper and glue to the remaining base, overlapping onto the classified slightly.
With the pen, draw your flower stalks.
Trace the drawn lines with your glue.

 Add your River Bed Tear Drops.

 Next place a square of the tacky tape, about the size of a quarter onto your scrap paper. 
Twist the red tissue paper strips into cords. Bend the end and place at the out side of the tacky tape.Start making a circle of the tissue paper cord, pressing down into the tape as shown and spiral until you reach the center where you can snip off any excess cord.  Do this 3 times, then place a smaller piece of tape onto your scrap paper and form a bud shaped flower using the same technique as you did for the roses.
Cut or tear these flowers out and glue to the stems. Place 2 tear drops at the base of the bud.
Add some 1/2" strips of tacky tape around the outside of the card. Scrunch up your green tissue paper strips as you place it onto the tape. 

And Voila!
~Michelle Frae Cummings


Tonya said...

Super cool idea and awesome card!!!

Genevive said...

it's really pretty! love it :)

juscrap said...

Very beautiful!!!

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

I love it! Great job!!

Barbara Rankin said...

This is such a fun idea, and so pretty.

Robin O'Crowley said...

Such a cute card, love the tear drops!

Camille Short said...

This card is awesome!!!!!

Lastochka said...

love using of tear drops))

Cely said...

love how you made them roses!!!

Lyneen said...

I love the dimension you got with your card... LOVE it!

Bev said...

super cute flowers and love the stone stems.. and the fun bright ribbon frame is perfect

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