Friday, August 9, 2013

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

 Hi Everyone,
     I'm really excited to show you this card today.  I love how it all came to together!
 I hope you will enjoy this card as much as I enjoyed creating it.
Lets get started!

Supplies used:
Gold Glitter Classic Swirl (20% off all Month!)
Classified Card Stock
Gold Dew Drops
Caramel Latte Smooch Spritz
Pumpkin Smooch
Dragonfly chipboard from Gina's Designs
Lost and Found stamp by Tim Holtz
Black cardstock, stamped image on white cardstock, hole reinforcements, gold leafing pen, a black ink pad.
Old paper, Tea dye and Vintage photo Distress ink pads.
A make up sponge,  Gold & black washi tape, Twine, Foam tape and glue.

Begin by trimming your Gold glitter classic swirl to your desired card size. This will be your background for later.
Trim some classified paper to be smaller than the gold glitter. Tear it down to size, top and bottom with your fingers. Crumple into a crunchy tight ball and undo, flattening out.  Rub your make up sponge into the Old Paper ink pad first and drag it over catching the ink on the creases. Next continue with the Tea Dye and then Vintage Photo.
Place some hole reinforcements circles anywhere on the crumpled paper.
Use a make up sponge and black ink to cover the circles. Remove the circles and reserve the stickers for the next step.

 Cut a piece of black cardstock to be bigger than the stamped image.
Place the used hole reinforcements around the outside of the paper.
Spritz with the Caramel Smooch. Since the paper is dark, you will only see the shimmer of the spray.  Let dry a minute then add some detail to the outside of the stickers with the pumpkin smooch.
Carefully peel up the hole reinforcements and discard.

 Place a bit of twine onto a napkin and spritz with the Caramel Smooch. Here, because the twine is a lighter color, you can see the color better.

 Wrap the twine around the stamped image many times, securing in the back with some tape.
Adhere the stamped image to the black cardstock with glue. Then layer your pieces, adding foam tape where you want dimension. I placed strips of black washi tape on the left side of the card and accented them with some Pumpkin Smooch. I love how easy it is to apply- a fun paint brush like applicator!

 Once your card has been assembled, decorate the dragonfly with the gold leafing pen, Pumpkin Smooch and a Gold dew drop. Attach with foam tape. 

 I accented one of the stamped children with the Pumpkin Smooch to make her stand out.
 I also gave her wings so she could the dragonfly.

 Thanks for coming by, I hope you liked  my creation for this week!

Michelle Frae Cummings


Cely said...

This is so great! Love all the distressing and accentuating you did with the inks and smooch!!!

Cely said...

This is so great! Love all the distressing and accentuating you did with the inks and smooch!!!

Tonya said...

Awesome card and tutorial!!! Love the vintage feel of the card too!!!

Camille Short said...

Awesome techniques!

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Very cool card!! I love the whole project!!

Bev said...

beautiful and rich colouring.. amazing techniques and design

Susan said...

That turned out really nice, love the colors.

juscrap said...

This is gorgeous!!!

Lyneen said...

Michelle this is an amazing card... love all the texture, layers and details!!!

Barbara Rankin said...

Fabulous card, Michelle. Love all the techniques used and how you put it all together, terrific! TFS

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