Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Safari in Kenya Mini

One of our favorite weeks in Africa, was a week spent in Kenya at the Masai Mara.  

This is the most wonderful place to go on Safari/
Not only do you really see the creations of God,
but you get to experience life in such a calm and peaceful way.

You are spoiled to the hilt, with hot chocolate delivered to your Safari Tent
at 6:30 in the morning before your first safari adventure of the day/
You then travel  in  an open Landrover for 2-3 hours in the
early morning, stopping to see any animal in the bush.
Back for an outdoor breakfast, close to the river below filled with
Hippos honking, and immersed in the green and brown water
below you.
I have to say, while we where there, I wanted to stay forever.
Peaceful. Calm, and as close to nature and God's
creatures as you can get.

We are sponsoring the Animal Prints and ideas this month.
Here are just a few of my ideas with
these fabulous products!

This is such a cute page
that represents time on a Safari.
It can be for a fishing vest too. 
I cut the vest by drawing it on the paper and cutting it out, the sides
fold out, so you can journal inside the vest.
I then cut pockets and distressed the edges with ink to give the pockets
a dimensional look. 
This was placed on Glitter Palm Tree CS
Then I added stickers from the Safari Sticker.

I also created a mini about our Safari.

This is the cover of my mini.
This mini is larger than normal mini's. I cut it 9x9 because I wanted to be able
to see things bigger and have more space.

Products used on Cover of mini:
Glitter Leopard CS
Glitter Palm Tree (back side)
Safari Sticker
Dew drops
Glitter Cowboy Rope
and other things from my scrapbook supplies


There is nothing more refreshing when creating a book to find photos that are perfect for your 
book.  Some of these photos come from magazines that I purchased in 

Products used:
Green Chipboard
Glitter Leopard CS
Brown Glitter Paws (Retired)
Brown Glitter Animal

This picture is how I felt when we got off the small plane
on the dirt runway in Kenya.  So I saved it and used it  on this page.
I decided instead of putting the curved edge on the side of the page, I put it
on the top of the page, so you eye is drawn to the top of the page
on the right side because it is taller.

Products used:
Glitter Brown Rope CS
Zebra Animal Glitter CS
Safari Sticker
Honeycomb Fleur linen CS
Brown Dew drops
Other products from my scrapbook stash

The black and white Zebra Animal glitter print is one of my favorite papers.  
It comes in Black and Brown, and white on white.  I love all of them.
When we were in Ethiopia we drove 2 days on horrible roads to go see the Zebra's.
Dana did this for me on my birthday.
So here I am with the Zebra's in the background.  I walked out pretty close to them
so I could get a good close up photo.
As I was walking through the tall grass, in my mind, all I could see
was the sign on the wall of the sign in and pay office showing
25 different snakes in the area to beware.
I was in sandals of course! 
But I made it, no snakes at all!

Products used:
Zebra Animal Glitter CS
Red Watercolor CS
amber dew drops
the rest comes from my scrapbook stash.

I so wanted to see a Leopard, but not in Kenya, we did see some in South Africa.
I did an opposite cut on the curved edge, the leopard paper is actually the paper cut on the
curved edge.

Products used.
Brown Glitter Paws (retired, but available in black)
Glitter Palm Tree CS
Safari Sticker
Rest from my scrapbook stash

Did you know there are different kinds of Giraffes, and their spots on each kind looks different?
Well. I didn't know that.  It is so very cool/
Products used:
Honeycomb Fleur linen CS
Safari Sticker
All other products from my scrapbook stash

Cheetah Sighting!
We did see a cheetah and her cub under this bush, it was on the 3rd day of Safari riding in
an open Landrover when we finally saw them.
I added a longer edge to this page, so it is longer than the other pages
of the book.  This way it shows past the edge of the book.
I forgot to tell you that all of the pages in the mini are
distressed with brown ink.
I love the look of making it look a bit older.
Kenya, and Africa just have this feel everywhere.

Products used:
Silver Glitter Leopard CS
Brown Glitter Paws
Glitter Chipboard
Grass Dew Drops

Nothing is greater in Nature than the sky.  
Where would we be without it?

Products used:
Clouds CS
ocean and amber mini dew drops

I used the back of Snow Covered Trees CS for this Elephant look.
The embellishments come from wrapping paper that I bought in Kenya.
Well, Dana learned how dangerous Elephants
can be, and was so lucky that he just stomped his feet
and flapped his ears and screamed.
Back in the truck, 
and we were on our way down the road.

Products used:
Snow Covered Trees CS
Amber dew drops

Last but not least
the Lion!
On one of the days we saw the pride, the male lion
walked right past out Landrover, almost touching the front of the 
vehicle.  It was a bit dawn-ting, but we stood on
our seats with our bodies and head out the
top of the vehicle, we didn't want to miss
a minute of it!
He is huge, massive paws. she is still quite large, and is the hunter.
We saw a pride every day we were there.  
When we were in South Africa we saw white Lions.
They are the top of the food chain
and it is obvious
KING of the Land.

Products used:
Red Lion CS
Brown Glitter Paws
White on White Zebra Glitter Animal CS
Rose Dew drops
Other products from my scrapbook stash.

there you are, my Safari Mini,
this pattern could be used for USA safari trips too.
It is a one size fits all.

Do you want to buy the book as a kit?
Let us know!




The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Very wild book! Wish I went :)

Bev said...

OMG amazing mini album.. perfect choice of papers, trims and accents.. fabulous

Tonya said...

Awesome job on the mini! Love all the details!!!

juscrap said...

Wowwwww!!! This is fabuluos!! i love it.

Lastochka said...

This travel album is my favourite!!!

Ro Donner said...

Absolutely amazing!

Barbara Rankin said...

What an amazing adventure you had, and the animal prints are so perfect to showcase your travels in Africa. I love how you combined all of the elements, and the mini is also fabulous, too! A trip to the Zoo would also work well with this paper. Hmmmmm.....

Michelle Frae Cummings said...

what a fantastic adventure, photos and mini book!

Robin O'Crowley said...

Thanks. Ladies

Camille Short said...


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