Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Start your Summer Aflaming!!

Check out how fabulous the Rumple Ribbon from Lovebug Creations work with the Robin's Nest Flame series of papers!  If your weather is still cool (like it is here in MI), this combo will start your crafting a flame!

Here I used William from the Family Ties Rumple Ribbon Collection to create an apron.
You can add a note card for your message...or use the pocket to tuck in a treat or two!

Ooh, that color is perfect for this Chili Flame paper!

 Another fun treat holder: a tea packet card!
Here I used Sunset (one of my most favorite Rumple Ribbons) to bind my pages together.

Distressed Honeycomb is a great paper to pick up from the Robin's Nest!
Hey, and those mini dew drops really work well with Sunset ribbon!

I posted this card and tutorial on my blog.  

Closed View...

Telescoped View!

In case you missed it, Green Leaves Rumple ribbon, from the Spring Rainbow collection, ads a bit of softness to this sassy card!

Hey...and don't forget a hot message!
These stamps come from Joy's Life:  That Tastes Punny set.

Don't back off from this hot line of papers from The Robin's Nest.
Once I started playing with them, I couldn't get enough!!

Thanks for stopping by!
Dawn Mercedes, of Sunnyside Up!


Robin Horasanian said...

I love the apron made with the flame paper. That's awesome!

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Wow! I love them all!! Great ideas!

Barbara Rankin said...

Love all of your cards. Terrific ideas and so fun!

Robin O'Crowley said...

Dawn, this is one of your best posts ever, such out of the box designing. Great job!

Camille Short said...

What great ideas!!!!!! Especially love the bbq apron!

Tonya said...

Super fun cards!!! Wonderfully done!!! Thanks for sharing :-)

michelle hodges said...

Amazing and very creative projects! Love them all too!

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