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Germany Castles layouts

Hello all,

Robin here, still working on my Germany trip, and using some of the funnest of Robin's Nest products.  Is that a word?  Funnest!  Here in this Castle layout I have used our Ancient Map CS, Admiral Fleur, and Vintage Travel Tag Kit.

I used the Admiral Fleur linen CS and cut out the Fleur, the leaf on the left side, and the diamonds were cut on my cricut.

Admiral Fleur linen CS                                                                    Vintage Travel Tag kit

I created 3 tags for my layout with the tag kit. here is one tag that I have journaled on, as it sits on the layout page.

Here is the same tag, shown separately.

Here is the second tag in the layout.  It is in the bottom corner of the layout.
Here is the third tag I created with the tag kit, it is in the right hand corner  of the layout.
A little closer up on the 3rd tag, and all the layers on the tag.

And again here is the completed layout.  I just journaled on the page next to the photos as well.

 I am sharing a few more layouts with you of castles that I just recently created.  This page is using our Cathedral Paper that I have punched a lace border on.  Also I used the back side of the Glitter Getaway Stripe, and then while I was in Germany, I found this border swirl and crown felt ribbon that I have used as my embellishment.  
Everywhere you drive on the expressway there are signs to a castle here and a castle there, so we decided to just follow some of these signs and see these castles.  Most of these castles were lived in by German Natives.  It was a fun adventure one day as we were traveling back to Heather's house.
The last page I am sharing is Hohenzollern Castle.  I have many more pages of this castle, we hiked a longs ways up to get here, as the parking lot isn't at the top of this mountain.  It was frosty that morning, and we saw our breath as we hiked.  You hike in circles, much like you see in the movie Lord of the Rings at the white Castle, through one opening after another until you arrive at the castle court.  Fun experience in person, and a very good work out.
Remember when I shared with you how I scrapbook.  In this group of photos, I put together all the castles to keep my theme of what I was working on similar.  Each page however, turns out with such a different look, but each spotlights each castle differently. 
On this page I used Cathedral Paper, Ancient Map CS, Mocha Trail glitter CS, Glitter Mocha Daisy (back side), Glitter Cowboy rope, and back side of Dinosaur, gold glitter chipboard, and gold 4mm dew drops.

Hope you have enjoyed these fun layouts.  I love to scrapbook, it gives me such peace during my day as I create at my desk.  I also relive the month we were in Germany over and over again.  One of the very last times I visited my mom, I brought with me 2 completed 12x12 albums of Germany.  Germany is her birthplace, she lived there until she turned 18, when she moved to the USA.  I somehow feel closer to her as I scrapbook these pictures, I know she loves her home, and shares this fun time with me.




The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Very nice!! Thanks for the tips too :)

Tonya said...

Gorgeous layouts!!! Love all the little details!!! Thanks for sharing :-)

Robin O'Crowley said...


Robin Horasanian said...

Beautiful layout. Very romantic to go with the castle.

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