Monday, March 25, 2013


Good morning! It's the last Monday of the month :) it's my turn again! Before I proceed, I would like to say thank you for your sweet comments in my post last month,  Colorful Raindrops. I hope you will enjoy this layout I have made for you just the same :) 

How do you usually start making your projects? 

For me, to be able to start creating, I think of a "challenge" to  push me... especially when the mojo isn't  there... So for this, I kind of asked myself to: 

1. Create a BOY layout using the feminine (because of the glitters!) crackle cardstock, assigned to me this month. Boy layout means NO FLOWERS.
2. Use this faulty printout in a layout. In printing (done a few weeks back for another project) I forgot to check "size" so I actually printed an A4 photo using 4R paper... thus, the half-face photo. Somehow, I felt I can still salvage it, so I didn't throw it! 

I have made a short video (6 seconds!) in vine of how I did the first part of my layout .. the materials, the misting and how I tried to arrange the mini dewdrops... click HERE to see the vine video and maybe we can follow each other there? It's fun! :) 

Now for the close ups... 

... one way to make a masculine layout is using robots, bar codes (that bar code is so cute it says "boys will be boys") gears, buttons, jute ... these boy-themed details balance the "prettiness" of the dew drops and glittered cardstocks and stickers.

... look at that! I love that I can still use GLITTERS for my son's layout. Because I don't have a baby girl.. and I love glitters. If there's a will, there's a way. Haha! 

... the glitter cardstock frame strip gave that photo a "finished" look. Who would think it was printed wrongly? :) 

Please check out the website for more beautiful products from The Robin's Nest. Here are the supplies I used in this layout: 

Hope you enjoyed my post.. I will see you again soon... Have a blessed Lenten Season and advance happy Easter! 



The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

I would never have guessed this would have been a challenge, it is awesome! I love all of the different elements, and the barcode too :) wonderfully done Geneveive!

Robin O'Crowley said...

Fabulous! Great work!

Michelle H. said...

Very pretty!!

juscrap said...

Soo beautiful!

Tonya said...

Love all the details in this layout!!! Beautifully done!!! Thanks so much for sharing :-)

Wendy said...

What a great boy layout!

Genevive said...

thank you all for your kind comments :)

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