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Herren Cheimsee Germany Layouts

Herren Cheimsee

Hello Robin's Nest Readers,

I have been working on our trip to Germany last year in my scrapbook room.  It seems this will be a process to get finished with all the things going on in my life.  But little by little, each page is coming together.  I have a process of by which I scrapbook when there is an entire vacation that I am working on, and a way I organize myself as I work on my photos.  
1.  Organize my photos.  The photos arrive in the mailbox and I go through all the photos and organize them into each place we visited.  Then each stack  of one place is put in its own envelope and labeled with the name of that place.
2.  Organize my papers and embellishments.  I know that I will be working on certain pictures, so in this case, I go through my files in the scrapbook room, and pull papers that have been filed into Europe, or Fall because we were there in the fall.  I do the same thing with embellishments   These are placed in a file box next to my chair by the scrapbook desk.  Then as I work on certain photos the papers are right there next to me, and there isn't extra time spent in finding papers for this project.
3.  I pull only one envelope of photos and put it on the scrapbook desk to work on.  This helps me focus on one area, (or one theme - birthday, beach, etc) so that I am not distracted by other photos or projects.
4.  Papers are selected for the photos, or the "look" I am wanting to achieve and then I am ready to start creating.
5.  For inspiration of what my page will look like, I use magazines, personal files, or IPad to look at Pintrest for page layout ideas.
6.  Then the page is created with photos and papers only, I sometimes add the journaling tag, and set aside the embellishments I want to use on this page, but they are usually not adhered at this point.
7.  These pages are put in a pile, until all the photos are finished from that area.
8.  I then take these layouts and start adding embellishments  cut titles from the cricut, have all the dew drops, stickers, pop ups, metal things put on the page finished at this point. Only the journaling is left.
9.  At night when I am tired, and want to sit in bed and relax in the evenings, I take these pages and journal to my hearts content.  This way, as I am journaling (this one area or theme), I am focused only on it, and the day together with other people, what we did, and what we may have said.  I am able to pull together in my mind all those memories that I want to record.  I find that if I do it in bulk, a stack of page layouts together, I am able to remember more than if I just say "we were here on this day."  

Of course, after this the pages are put in  sheet protectors, and then binders and the book is completed.

Here are a few pages from our trip in Germany last year.  Herren Chiemsee is located on  an island on Chiemsee lake, where my Aunt and Uncle live.  We have visited here before, but it is always such a joy to visit this area.  Herren Chiemsee Castle was built by King Ludwig, and  is his version of a replica of Versailles   An absolute stunning place to visit with artistry that you can only experience by coming to such a place.  

I used French Vanilla Fleur Linen CS, Mocha Trail CS, Brown mini dew drops, crown from Vellum Crown, Coffee Glitter Classic Swirl CS from The Robin's Nest product line. The large fleur is cut from the French Vanilla Fleur Linen CS.  Other items are from other companies. 

Chiemsee Lake layout I used Belgian Chocolate Glitter CS, Autumn Fleur Linen CS, Chocolate 6mm Dew Drops.  Other products come from other companies.  The Paper is the star of this layout!  The stripe is from the cut off tab of the Belgian Chocolate Glitter CS, flipped over.

You can see that I haven't done my journaling yet on these pages, but that will come soon.  Each page doesn't have to be a masterpiece.  Chiemsee Lake is simple, featuring one of my favorite shots of the lake in the Autumn paper.  Also each page layout doesn't have to be so full of embellishments you forget where you were and that you are actually scrapbooking photos instead of embellishments!

I also hope that this process will help you in organizing your pages, and thoughts when you scrapbook your photos.


Have a great week.



The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Inspirational. I need time to figure out my thought process too, this will help. Great suggestions.

Camille Short said...


michelle hodges said...

Very beautiful!!
Love all the tips!

Tina said...

gorgeous! it certainly looks a very beautiful place, Im just starting out in scrapbooking and have only done two pages so far but thank you for sharing your tips and inspiration. Hugs Tina xx

Clare D. said...

I love the castle page! So many beautiful details!

Barbara Rankin said...

Fabulous layout, Robin. So many details. Thanks for all the tips on organizing photos, too. Great ideas. TFS

Robin O'Crowley said...

Thanks ladies, I hope this helps make scar booking easier!

Tonya said...

Love how elegant your layouts are and thanks for sharing all the tips :-)

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