Friday, March 22, 2013

Faberge Easter Egg Cards -part 2

 Hi Everyone!
      I wanted to show you what I have further done with last weeks "Faberge Easter egg cards".
I decided to make more of them. 18 to be exact, for friends and family.
Clearly you can see I accented them way more than the original post.

 I really love all the vibrant and cheerful colors of the dew drops and how they pair well with
 The Robins Nest Easter and Crackle line!

 Feel free to click on any photo for a closeup!

 I painted the cards black to help the eggs stand out. As if they have a spotlight on them.

 As I created, I thought of the Faberge eggs I had seen in a museum when I was little. They were just so magical and stunning.

 Here are the additional materials I used.
I trimmed and used every bit of these large gold doily's.  I believe they added a touch of royalty to the eggs, don't you think?
After adding the doily's, I went to town with the dew drops!
 I found that a fat white crayon worked wonders in picking up the dews to be placed on the eggs.

Beach Party- Dew Drops

 Easter - Dew Drops
 Getaway- Dew drops
 Hydrangea- Dew Drops
 Lakeside - Dew Drops
 Poinsettia - Dew Drops
 Purple Hair - Dew Drops
 Robins Red - Dew Drops
Water - Dew Drops
Thanks for coming by, have a wonderful Easter!
 Michelle Frae Cummings


Camille Short said...

What grand eggs! I especially love the ones with the dew drops in the small circle in the center....elegant!

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

I Love all of them!! You loved ones are so lucky!!

juscrap said...

Gorgeous!! I love all of them!

Barbara Rankin said...

Your cards look like pieces of jewelry. Love them.

Tonya said...

WOW!!! So detailed and elegant!!! Beautifully done!!! Thanks so much for sharing :-)

Genevive said...

these are awesome.. very elegant ang classy eggs :)

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